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I also turn and topstitch. Seems to be just fine.
Quote: Originally Posted by esaesa I love them, it makes diaper changing so much faster and they are stinking adorable! Definately. They are pretty easy, cute and addictive. I also take the knee hi women's socks from Target or Kohl's and do exactly like the pp's said with the foot. If you search google for DIY Babylegs, you should be able to find the Flicker tutorial. Here are some of...
I made these little padded pieces that velcro around the 2 shoulder straps and the crotch strap. It's not always the best, but seems to be ok at times.
I don't know if it is defeating the purpose or not, but that is the type of thing that happens to me. I don't do a repeat rinse though. I just figured it was water getting back into the ball after it opens to let the vinegar out. I don't worry much about it.
I have a corner in my bedroom that has a blackish looking mold. My dh still needs to get up there and take care of it, but I know he's going to want to use Clorox mold and mildew or bleach. Anything else I can get him to try first? The orange mold around my tub goes away and comes back and I clean the tub with a baking soda, Dr. Bronners mix and then on other days just a spray of 50/50 vinegar. It still comes back. It was even on the bottom of my cloth shower...
I don't have a LT, but have thought about it. It's just the price is outrageous. However, I wanted to put my 2c in about this, because today my 26mo dd tipped over the kitchen chair she was standing on. Luckily she was more frightened than hurt. She loves to stand at the counter helping me with various tasks. She can move the chair around herself and climb up and down herself. She's not a particular climber as some kids might be. She never even attempted to crawl...
We have found that quite a few children's books have something that can be found on every page. "Love is a handful of honey" has 3 mice "Rumble in the Jungle" has 3 ants Those are the ones that come to mind at the moment. But yeah, it's great when the kids notice those things and they can get a little more involvement in reading
Some don't recommend exposing under a year old...I don't think I would, but the other ages would be a fine time to expose. When we have went to try to get exposed, we had them share suckers and then wiped the one with cp with a wash cloth and then wiped the others up too. This way they come in contact with the pox and saliva. I'm not a big fan of the sharing pops, but I guess if I want cp, it would be worth it to not have to keep re-exposing them. My 26mo dd has cp...
My dd's started on her arms and legs and really only got 2 spots very close together on her stomach. We're still in the process of cp, so she may get more. Just what has happened up to now.
It's called an eye spy bag. They are really easy to make if you have even a little bit of sewing skills. Otherwise I know they sell them on line too. Here is a picture of the one I made for my dd and her friend.http://www.flickr.com/photos/2493361...7604206811190/ There are also a few discussions about them in the sewing forum here, you'll just have to look for it since the search function is down. They are a lot of fun.
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