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I just wanted to update that we have cp. On day 2 or 3 I think. Her spots are pretty small and don't seem to blister much if any, just get a little irritated. Acting just fine, no fever, just not very hungry. I'm in Des Moines, Iowa. I haven't had anyone seem interested in a play date so far.
Definately mention it to him and go back right away or at least call. I see a chiro regularly and I've been going to him for probably 6 years or so. I can usually tell right away when something was missed and needs to be adjusted again and I tell him, then he rechecks the movement. Sometimes the muscles will be sore due to the alignment and your body/muscles not being used to being in the correct placement. Usually my chiro recommends alternating ice and heat 20 minutes...
I think my dd is at the beginning stages of CP as she was exposed about 17 days ago. Her dots do not look anything like the ones posted here. Her's are very small and look like pimples, but some are clustered together. Do they start off real small and then open/weep/crust over? She has more today than she had a few days ago, but they seem real slow to come out too. Low grade temp, not wanting to eat, otherwise acting normal.
I also took it while pregnant and I give the multivitamin to my 2yo dd. She really likes taking the multi. But once my dh gave the iron one to her by mistake and she refused to take it.
Quote: Originally Posted by leila1213 That's a good idea. How many do you have on hand at a time? Well, it depends on if anyone else is using them too. I found with 20 or so, I can do laundry on them every 1 1/2 days or so, but I'm still making some when I get a chance, so that I can do them every other day or so. http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=323854 Here's the discussion on cloth TP. It's fairly lengthy though.
That's really hard. Hugs to you. I don't know if this will help or not, but when my dd is having trouble calming herself down enough to fall asleep (especially at nap times when she says "it's morning time") I give her some Herbs for Kids- Quiet Calm. It's homeopathic and helps to quiet the body so that they can relax. I've had good success with it, so much that it's hard not to use it EVERY time she is going to bed just to make it easier. But I don't want her to...
My 2yo dd always seems to have a reddened area down there, so we recently switched to cloth tp. She is still red sometimes (which I think is a food reaction) but it takes care of the tp fuzzy issue. She has gotten used to grabbing the cloth tp and wiping herself and then putting it in the designated canister. I still do #2 for now.
I was just debating this with my mother this evening. When she came to watch dd this evening, we were just sitting down to dinner. We had a conversation earlier in the day about dd (who is 2) not wanting to eat very much lately. She's worried about her not eating enough and being "too skinny". I stated that she's still gaining weight slowly and not acting malnurished or lethargic, so I'm not worried. My dd didn't want to eat very much and kept getting up to run...
Thanks. Also, while I'm thinking of it... I want to make sure that I am getting them clean enough and "sanitized". I wash on hot/cold or warm/warm with an extra rinse. I add baking soda to the detergent/water and vinegar in the downy ball. Dry on medium. I usually add any other towels/bibs I have so that the wash isn't so tiny. Is there any contamination risks? I just want to make sure that I'm getting them clean enough. TIA.
Ok, I need some feedback on some cloth tp issues. How many pieces do you have? My 2yo dd is really the only one using it right now because I have to pretty much wash every other day or so and if I use it too, then she doesn't have enough or I have to wash every day. I think I'm up to about 20+ pieces by now. The other thing is I'm using flannel for the most part and have fleece on the other side of some of them. Since I have to wash pretty often, I'm noticing that...
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