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That sucks. I know how you feel. We're on day 19 with still not much of anything. I noticed a few "spots" on her yesterday, but they could be bug bites from playing outside. Nothing today, even though I think she feels warm sometimes when I snuggle with her. We re-exposed to the sister of the orignial cp on Sunday, so we'll play the wait and see game for another 20 days. Oh, joy.
I'd be weirded out too about the strange man. I have an issue with people touching my dd's face with their hands. I know being exposed germs boosts her immune system, but I still hate to think where their hands have been.
: Please keep us updated. I hope it gets figured out quickly!!
We're on day 13. She had a spot on her elbow a few days ago, but it went away fairly quickly. No more spots or fever at all. I have the opportunity to expose her again as the other cousin (sister to original case) has broken out now. I'm concerned about making it worse by exposing her 2x in the same period. She broke out on Tuesday, so by this Saturday, she should still be contagious, but maybe the virus won't be as strong so as not to make our case 2x worse than...
I feel for you, and a little scared myself as I'm waiting to see if my dd is incubating cp. I don't have anything to help you, but will be watching to take notes in case I have to do the same thing. I have seen that Lavendar oil and Vitamin E oil are recommended to help with the itching, as well as oatmeal in the bath. But maybe you already knew that. I hope she gets better soon!
My dd has always been on the small side of the charts. She's 26mo and 24lbs, but she didn't didn't really start gaining anything until this last year. She has a big belly too. She eats a "fairly" well balanced diet, takes a multivit, and has regular bm's. I can't offer you any andvice other than to tell you how my dd is. Good luck!
I can't help but think that when I was my dd's hair with the baby mild Dr. B, that her hair smells like 'wet dog'. Even if I put EO in it. We're almost done with the crap she got when she was littler (because I don't use it all that much) so I want to move her to something healthier.
We also might be incubating cp. My dd was exposed to her cousing 9 days ago who had cp. No fever yet, but I did see a pimple/bug bite looking spot on her elbow today. She said it itched and I put lavendar oil on it, which she said helped (she's 2). Should I worry about taking her out in public while we're still seeing if she truly has it? We went to the grocery store this morning and was at the mall yesterday...oops.
CHIROPRACTOR!!! Having things out of wack in your neck/back/spine will put terrible pressure on your nervous system and pain receptors. I've been seeing a chiropractor for over 6 years (probably). In the beginning, you have to go more often in order to "train" your muscles/joints/bones/spine to be in the correct spot, but then once things get under control, you can just go for maintence, which for me is 1x a month. It is also covered by some insurances, so all you'll...
I'm going to bump this thread because I'm looking to find an alternative to dishwasher detergent and laundry detergent. I was looking at some threads about Sals Suds and it was mentioned that it can be used as dish detergent (probably too sudsy for dishwasher though) and laundry. Has anyone used this item in dishwasher or for laundry? TIA
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