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who takes Neighborhood health and is OK with little to no vax? I'm in desperate need of a new PCP! Thank you
Hey mamas, it's been a really long time but, we are still around I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good counselor for me in the Providence area that takes Neighborhood. This is for me. Thanks!
can anyone PM Steph's phone number to me? Thanks
No car tomorrow.
Could it be?! Jojo is going to FINALLY make a playgroup?! Why yes, yes I think so!!!! See you soon ladies!!
I hope we can make it, we get Ethan's baseball schedule tomorrow
Hmmm, when I used raw milk it would get thick the longer I let it sit just the same with the pasturized whole milk I use. But I don't like my kefir thick so I don't let it sit for very long.
Ug, we don't have enough gas in the car and no money for more so we won't be able to go tomorrow Uhhhh, we really need our tax money NOW!!!!!
Sooooo, I'm hoping to make it this week!! It's been far too long, you won't recognize Poppy. Hi Amanda!! Hope to meet you soon
Quote: Originally Posted by TanyaLopez http://www.wildfermentation.com/reso...age=sauerkraut This is Sandor Katz's recipe for sauerkraut, he's got a wonderful pickle recipe on his website too, plus more goodness in his book. And he's got a lot of links in his website if you search around, they go to lots of other fermenting pages. eta: I make kimchi, not sauerkraut, but the pounding to break down the cabbage a bit and see how much juice there was...
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