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Quote: Originally Posted by es1967 I've been wanting to get the New Chapter Probiotics for a while now. Is it the Flora you have? How do you like it? Yes, it's the All-Flora. I like it, it doesn't taste good by itself but DD doesn't seem to mind it. It's easy to mix and is a trusted brand
My baby licks the floor and everything else too!!! But I do think it is a survival/evolutional thing. They put everything in their mouths to learn about it and to get dirt and germs into their bodies building their immune system.
For what it's worth.... I would never give tylenol even at 12 weeks. Their little livers, well every part of them, are still growing and tylenol can cause liver damage.
Under DD's chin and the nape of her neck are the sweetest things ever!! She also has the most adorable love handles!! Yes, those fat dimply fingers and her cankles are to die for!!! Recently she started to shake her head NO everytime I say, "Ah, ah, ahhh we don't play with that."
Yup Take advantage of it and don't feel guilty about it!! The second they no longer nap you will wish very badly for one, trust me!!! I napped with DS when he was little and miss it. But it's DD's time now
I'm no expert on astragalus but, this site has a bunch of awsome info!! Apothecary Tinctura Personally, I add a little astragalus to my broths and use it as a tea when sick. Wanted to add probiotics!!! We buy New Chapter in powder form, drink kefir, kombucha, and eat wild fermented foods Probiotics was one of the things that helped to reduce the possiblity of cytokine storm.
Quote: Originally Posted by AprilM How do you do that exactly? Do you put it in something first? I am getting a visual of smearing a bunch of garlic on the bottom of ds's feet and making a big mess...... I have heard lots of good things about garlic so am eager to incorporate this into our cold and flu care. I crush the garlic with my knife and rub the crushed clove on the bottoms of the feet a few times/day. Also, astragalus tea helps. I...
Oh, you can also give gelsemium and oscillococcinum for the flu
After reading up on H1N1 the things that seem to be key are garlic, garlic, garlic, vitamin D, vitamin C, and good sleep. Personally, I am very much not a fan of tylenol because it can cause liver damage. Has your LO recieved the vaccine? If so, Tylenol has been suspected of weakening the vaccine. (I'm not one for vaccines) Rub crushed garlic on your LO's feet, if you are still nursing eat *lots* of raw garlic (I crush it and then take it like a pill), supplement...
Poppy was born about 9 months ago at Memorial with Mary and it was certainly all natural. She is very respectful of your choices- vaccinations, etc. She let me do my thing, sat back and let me labor, let DH help in whatever way he could, it was great! BUT, I really wish it could have been a homebirth........ Just a side note..... (she is looking into homebirth so if that is something you would like discuss it with her!) Take a tour of Memorial, that's what I did with...
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