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6 times although I suspect 7:  I have two awesome children and I'm done!!   1988  Termination 1996  Live Birth 1999  RU-486 Termination (participated in the FDA study to approve the drug) 2005  Miscarriage 9 weeks 2005  Miscarriage 9 weeks 2006  Live Birth 2010  Suspected early miscarriage but if it had not been a miscarriage it would have been a termination   Just a note:  All but the first with my husband of 23 years
One can do amazing things with the right amino acids.  My husband has been off his meds and healthy for 4 years.  He has learned to work with the amino acids well.  Start with this guy and find a good naturopath.  www.curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=59480 
She already figured it out.  Now you're just hiding the truth from her and dismissing her analysis by not answering her question.  Sorry, I disagree with everyone here.
  But, Ron Paul doesn't believe in women having reproductive freedom of choice.  I wouldn't call that health freedom. I could never vote for someone who is anti-choice.  I'll be voting for Obama, like I did in 2008.  Is he perfect?  No, but he beats the alternatives.
This man does not seem emotionally available to be in an adult relationship with you.  Sorry.  It's not going to get better because he doesn't want it to change enough to do something about it.  It is time for you to move on, if he follows you, then you have a chance; if not, well, he's not ready for a relationship, let alone marriage and kids.
I've driven Volvo wagons most of my adult life (I've had 3) and they are great until you have to repair them.  It is very expensive to repair a Volvo.  I now drive a Honda Pilot which I got 4 months ago.  I bought it used; it was a lease return.  I am very happy with it.  It seats 8, has tons of room and does reasonably well on gas (for a car that seats 8)
Tell your mother that she is hurting your sister and you wont be a party to it.  Tell her that she and her husband should tell your sister, together and now.  Her attempts to protect your sister, although admirable are having the opposite effect.
I would first figure out what you want to have in your website and the information architecture that will make sense to your website visitors. (ie, how many sections/pages you need and what information you want on each page.   Things to think about:   Look at other sites in your industry and start there.  Identify what you like about their sites and what you don't.   Is your website solely for informational purposes or do you wish to sell your photographs...
I haven't read all the responses but I wanted to share my experience.  I was adamant about having female doctors and practitioners.  Then the family care doctor who was supposed to help me birth my first child was on vacation when I went into labor.  Her backup was a man.  He let me labor for 58 hours, 26 in the hospital.  Never cut me, never suggested pitocin, stayed with us overnight in the hospital and even suggested nipple stimulation to facilitate contractions.  In...
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