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yeah just found out 2 weeks ago. I am still nursing my 13month old and the only sign I had was sore nipples but I just attributed that to the constant biting that he does. I'm not showing but I didn't with my first two. I look like I am bloated and I thought that was due to the fibroids until I felt something move and realized that's not a fibroid. so hear I am Thanks for the welcomes
Nest of four thanks so much for the offer I pm'd you
Just found out that I am expecting a new little one. Due the 29 July 2008 This will be number 4
Me and DP have been living together since 09/2006. We dated for a year in college 95-96 and remained friends. I had 2 children with someone else and he had 1 with someone else. We started dating again in 2001 and planned a wedding for Aug 2006. I found out I was pregnant in Jun 2006 which was a surprise but not a problem I thought or that's what he said but not what has happened. I was hospitalized in Aug 2006 for a week with Gallstones and too seek to have a...
No suggestions but I am looking for the same if I come up with any I will let you know and can you please do the same?
Quote: Originally Posted by Stace I've also heard that some of the buyers are actually from the formula companies and that they "bust" the folks selling them, since you're technically not supposed to do that. Don't know how true that is, though. This is what I learned on my coupon trading website that the companies buy them back and take you off of their mailing list. That's a possiblity
did you have these concerns when you all were together? If not, then why all of a sudden now? Do you allow her to co-sleep with you naked? It sounds to me that your daughter is responding to the situation the same way most girls her age do (the taking care of daddy role). I would not be comfortable with the naked sleeping, but I am not comfortable with naked slepping with me period, not just in this situation.
Quote: Originally Posted by Starr I think you should bring something truly attrocious for lunch tomorrow Bring a squeezable bottle of hershelys syrup and either dip your food in it or sqeeze directly into your mouth... You have to start with a can of Reddi Whip squirted directly in your mouth then add the chocolate syrup close your mouth shake your head to stir then swallow Quote: Originally Posted by NiteNicole Or you...
I would, I have, and I would do it again. ( I actually have reported cheating during an exam) your school may have a honor code that states that if you don't report you are in violation
I take percocet for shingles and am BF my 7 month old and have not noticed any changes in him. I only take it for a few days 3-4 during a outbreak and have had 3 outbreaks since his birth
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