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DH will get to put up most of the holiday decorations!!! I HATE that job, and this year, I'll have the best excuse to make him do it!! And, we won't have to go anywhere for T-day or Christmas...we'll finally just get to stay home, guilt free!
Oregon (I lived in Phx for 3 years - does that help?! )
I used my Hotmail login for a long time, but then moved to LJ, looking for some more privacy. I switched to spedtchr (special ed teacher - my profession) when I moved there, and now use both names.
So I'm due around the same time as you (12/26) and I've been feeling like hell for the last week. Woke up this morning almost totally symptom free! It has me a little freaked out! My bbs are getting sore again, which is a good thing! I remember starting to feel really crappy right about 6 weeks with DD #2, too, so am hoping next week, things will pick up, if only for the peace of mind! (I know...I'll totally regret saying that!! )
Thank you all for the welcome!! My symptoms really wanned today, and I've had just a touch of spotting, so I'm still pretty nervous about it all, but trying not to worry, too much. Not much I can do either way. Quote: Originally Posted by zjande I'm due at the end of the month, too. So, we can definitely share our tales of woe then when everyone else here is delivering & we're still tapping our fingers. I keep thinking I'll go earlier,...
Just thought I would officially say Hello!! I'm getting more used to the idea that I'm pregnant again, as this little one is a surprise for us! I have two adorable daughters already, and can't wait to add one more to the crazy mix!! I'm looking forward to getting to know you all along this journey!
Name: Sonya Age: 34 Due Date: Dec. 26 Pregnancy #: 4 Family (partner and/or other children): DH - Will, DD #1 Tallia (1/03) DD #2 Abigail (7/05) Birth Plans/Preferences: My preference is using a midwife and delivering at a birth center. I'm not sure that will be an option, so am looking for a m/w and deciding between a hospital birth and home birth (not sure DH will get on board for hb, though)
Quote: Originally Posted by hpienkos But it is hard sometimes, especially when I would cramp and I think, oh no a miscarraige! Oh, that part is so hard!! I remember being on pins and needles for most of my 3rd pregnancy, after my m/c. Its so hard, following a loss, and I can only imagine how difficult this time is for you. Hang in there, use your care provider to help assure you, and don't be afraid to ask questions!!
Congratulations!! How exciting to see your little bean already!!
I'm on my 4th pregnancy, so I can give you my experiences... DD #1 - very little m/s, sore bbs, little fatigue. We didn't even find out I was pregnant until 9 weeks, so I had few symptoms other then missing AF. Preg. #2 (m/c at 11 weeks) - moderate symptoms, more m/s then with DD #1, sore bbs, aversion to coffee (huge, since I'm a serious coffee addict! ), moderate fatigue. Symptoms all but disappeared around 11 weeks (found out about m/c at 12 week...
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