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I do it!  DD1 (3) sits in the cart, which I pull behind me.  I push the twins in my double stroller.  We are quite the spectacle, but when you need groceries, what else are you going to do? :)
Just chiming in with another vote for the City Select.  (Long time lurker; I never post but I'm strangely compelled to share the City Select love...)   The thought of spending that much cash on a stroller made me sick.  But, I just couldn't find another solution that was a)significantly cheaper AND b)I still loved.  So, we just did it.  It was a ridiculous splurge, but I will tell you that I have not regretted the purchase once in the few short months we've had it....
Long time lurker, not a big poster... :)   I'm 13w5d (with twins) and had really awful nausea starting at 8w.  My RE suggested a B6/unisom combo, and as much as I hated to take anything while pg, it really worked wonders for me.  Within a few doses, I was feeling almost completely nausea-free (albeit exhausted from the unisom) and was able to function at work.  I'm down to just taking it at night now, since the evenings are the yuckiest times for me, but I just...
Posting forCarson... Arjen Johan was born yesterday at home at 12:10 pm after what she called "the fastest 6 hours of her life." I spoke to her last night- she sounded awesome and said she felt incredible. I'm sure she'll be checking in soon.
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