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Yay! I weighed myself with baby, and then just myself this morning. Close estimate was about 9lbs for Charlotte- up two pounds from birth at 3.5 weeks.  :)
 congrats, karrey!
Awesome, fruitfulmomma!  Charlotte will be 3 weeks tomorrow as well...I'm not sure what she weighs, but her chin(s) and thighs suggest a pretty substantial gain so far.     On another note...my pp bleeding had slowed to mostly just brown spotting until this afternoon when I passed several clots and am now bleeding like a normal period again, ugh.  Is that normal?
sorry, lisarenee!  is your baby breech?
threelittlebirds and octolars...how are you ladies? 
  just checking in for an update.....
woohoo!  good luck to you today! keep us posted.
  I am so sorry.  Your baby will come out. Soon. I promise.   In the meantime, please sleep, rest, and eat well.  Your body needs it.  Thinking of you!
Also, onemomma had success just the other day with a verbena oil induction, and i also just read this success story: http://www.littlequiver.com/2009/07/elousia-story.html  (her cocktail includes castor oil too)
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