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haven't seen you around in awhile...how are you?  hope all is well and that you have an update about a sweet bundle soon...  
Hugs, mama.  Sex was weird for us this time around, too.   Not sure what it was about this baby, but it was SO hard to find a good position, and that kind of deterred DH, I think.  Then, my midwife mapped my belly, so for the last week I had a giant drawing of a baby on me--didn't really do much for DH's comfort level, lol.  But, like triple07 said, it might be worth convincing and working for.  It's what got the ball rolling over here, too.  Hang in there.  The time is...
 crazy fast!  congrats and enjoy! 
Congrats! Welcome, Silas!
blumooned- I made a pedicure appointment for Thurs. the 12th.  DH ended up calling to cancel it about 5 minutes before I pushed baby out.    It's a worthwhile labor induction technique, imo, because then you still end up with a pedicure even if you don't have the baby, right?  I totally sympathize with you about those end-of-pregnancy stir-crazy days, though.   Hang in there, mama!  So close!
I snacked on toast with grape jelly this time- for some reason the super-sweet jelly tasted awesome.   I usually lose my appetite once strong active labor sets in, but with my others I remember eating cereal, banana bread, and granola bars.  I also drank my third-trimester tea with ice and lemon through this labor (it's RRL, lemon balm, alfalfa, squawvine, and blueberry), and it totally hit the spot.
So, I'd been having some "gearing up" early labor contractions for awhile before really getting into active labor- not BH, really.  They were the real thing, and they persisted for several days.  From about Monday night on, they were a big source of anxiety- a foreshadowing of things to come, so to speak.  My last labor was very long and difficult, and started in a similar fashion- the prospect of taking on another birth like his was positively terrifying to me.  ...
Congrats, goofy!!
After 3 boys, gave birth to a baby girl this afternoon at home.  Charlotte (waiting on middle name still) was born at 2pm, 7lbs 0oz, 19 inches.  She is lovely, and I am soaking up newborn delciousness.  Story to come.  :) 
Iowa, I might be inclined to call your midwife about that.  Hope everything goes well at your appt today!
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