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Wonderful story.  Thanks for sharing!  Congratulations!
Things are moving here, but really slowly.  Strong contractions, but they're not regular-- maybe every 20 minutes, sometimes more frequently, sometimes less.  They've been that way since Monday night.  I'm mostly just trying to make eating and sleeping my top priorities & let my body do what it needs to do to get ready.   Anxiety levels are high.
yay! congrats!
lol.  last time i had a baby, i got mastitis right after my milk came in, and it was seriously disturbing how similar my right breast looked to a stop sign- red, angular, and HUGE.  
I hear ya.  Lots of rumblings here.  Lots of contractions last night & this morning they kind of fizzled.  Really tired.  Hugs, mama!
Inkandpaper- congratulations on your sweet little one!  I agree with the others- please be gentle with yourself.   Remember that giving your baby formula is not the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination- I am sure you both will grow into a healthy and relaxed nursing relationship.  You're doing great.   Also, please make sure you are eating and drinking enough (even if you don't feel especially hungry).  Hunger can really wreak havoc on an...
Congrats!! Enjoy your babymoon!
Good morning, ladies!  Just checking in.  Loving the birth announcements!  As it is, nothing of note going on here.   I'm working on filling up my week with fun stuff to do- including a pedicure, which sounds so super nice and I'm really looking forward to it on Thurs.  I'm really trying to keep anxiety levels to a minimum and just enjoy this time before everything changes.  Easier said than done- I just hate the not knowing.  Other things on my agenda are...
  Congratulations to you and your whole family!  She is gorgeous!
Ok.  I've hit that late pregnancy "wall".  I want the baby out.   Tired of being tired.
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