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Your kids might surprise you! That is something that I've always been pleasantly surprised by- how much my kids love the new baby.
That's really sweet. I love stories like this- they're a nice change from all the "You've got your hands full!" remarks.
Brownie tree. Lol, that is awesome.
DD (13m now) is a nursing bully. I mean, she has ramped this thing up to every hour, at least. Then she sits up after a few minutes and says "All done!"... And then she laughs wildly, shakes her head and keeps nursing until I pry her off half an hour later. I. Am. So. Sore!
Hugs, wengrin. I'm so sorry for your loss.
Positive!!! congrats!!
Man, I just got the wanting-to-tell people bug. We told my ILs last night and it made me want to tell the whole world. Plus I have a clever FB announcement that I'm dying to use. Can't decide whether to roll with it or hold off.
Yay! Congrats! So happy to see you here!
Wengrin- hugs! How very stressful. Still, I'm celebrating this new life with you right now and hoping, hoping, hoping that your bloodwork comes back with great news. Thecrunchybrit - you're wise to be so considerate of your DSs needs! He is lucky to have you. CONGRATS!! To all you pregnant mamas- tantylynn, fishywishy, and anyone else I may have missed. It's going to be a babylicious spring!
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