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I'd be interested in joining!
  Hooray! Great news!! 
I fell asleep watching the long-anticipated new episode of Breaking Bad the other night. ! Tired tired tired.
This is inspiring.  Yes, purging stuff!  I feel like I need to be organized and intentional and prioritize making a peaceful space for my family.  I buy most of my stuff at thrift stores anyhow, which makes it less painful if we do end up having to buy again, but I know what you mean.     In the past I have used one drawer of my dresser to store baby clothes, and I think we'll do that again. Last year I pared down the kids clothes pretty significantly to 6 casual outfits,...
We did a DIY trundle bed instead of bunk beds initially.  It's a bit of a space-saver.  But yes, most of our toys are downstairs, with only clothes & a few small things in their room.
Yes.  This is the first time I've had the good sense to not use fmu.  I think I drink too much water before bed to get a good result with it.   SMU is WAY clearer for me.  
Sunshinemama- Man.  That is rough.  I'm so sorry you had to deal with that- and sorry about your dad as well.  Hoping the moms of many in this DDC can help preserve one another's peace.  What number baby is this for you?
  The negativity.  Sigh.  If I have to endure more "Don't-you-know-what-causes-that?" questions I'm pretty sure I'll implode.  Why do people still think it's clever?  We're waiting until after the first tri also.
So, we're preparing to add our #5 to our very small home (1200 sq feet).  We don't have the option to move right now, so this is fine (IMO, people have been having lots of kids in small houses forever, right?), I just need to strategize.  We have three *small* bedrooms, one where the boys sleep (DD is in with us still), and one is essentially a co-sleeping overflow room (DH goes in there with DS3, or I go in there with the baby, or by myself, or whatever- cosleepers, you...
  I have a serious problem with ice cream.       Violet! Your dress is beautiful.  How exciting.     RE: Finding out- I don't think we will unless there's another reason to get an ultrasound (I don't usually have any).  I found out with #2, and it was all good and fine, but I have also really enjoyed my surprise endings.     I'm feeling kind of worried.  Not for any particular reason, just general early-pregnancy concerns.  So much could go wrong, especially at this...
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