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Yay for this thread!  I do high-intensity functional fitness training 3x a week and hope to keep it up.
I try.  We haven't had a good source for raw milk in awhile, but when I did I think I probably came close to a quart between homemade kefir & yogurt.   Tonight I'm going to roast a chicken & serve it with a big salad with tomatoes from the garden. I'll start my stock after.     I am really wiped out.  DD is nursing a TON (molars, maybe?), and I'm starving/nauseous/starving/nauseous.  Losing weight.  I've been eating ice cream before bed most nights, truthfully, just to...
  Have you thought about a b-6 or b-complex?  B6 actually decreases the amount of prolactin in your system, which can help your body start cycling again.
Ooooh, tantylynn.  Exciting!     Wengrin-  how are you doing?  
  BTDT.  Busy and fun.  Congratulations!!    Actually, I still *am* doing that.   Gaps between my kids are 16 months, 29 months, 22 months, and will be 21m. 
I dreamed about this last night.  Ha.  Hit the spot for lunch, and am anticipating another for dinner.  Great timing as I'm overloaded in the garden tomato dept. 
subbing so I can keep up with you all!  crossing my fingers for you ladies! 
Ohhh, meko.  I am so sorry.   How stressful.  Will be thinking of you often- please keep us posted, OK?
Last pregnancy, we didn't have a single name- boy or girl- at all.  I had ideas that I liked and he hated, he had ideas that he liked and I hated.  Truthfully, after the baby was born and we had a totally blank slate- just a new person, a new face to gaze at- I enjoyed thinking of names after she was here.   BUT, for some reason, this time, we've already got a name that we both like for a boy.  (So, yeah, maybe another girl?)  Since it'll be so close to Easter, his...
Seems like the queasiness is really setting in here. How are you all coping, and what's sounding good?
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