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Cruel evap on yet another test, of a different brand? I mean, it's normal for a faint line to darken into a (still faint), but more visible line as it dries, right? So confused.
MamaJen-  BIG congrats to you! 
Subsequent tests have been negative.  Maybe those were just really cruel evaps?  :( Keeping my head up, still only 10dpo.   ETA:  DH saw a line on the test this am (different brand).  As it is drying, I can see it too.  Still not quite sure what to think!
Thanks ladies.  I got these at Dollar General, but it looks like they're the same test as the photo you posted, ocelotmom.  I'm a tad concerned that they are evaps.   What are the odds that three tests in a row would give evaps?  The lines did not show up immediately, instead it was pretty close to the 10-minute mark.  I took one of the same brand yesterday and did not get any line at all (evap or otherwise).  Friend of mine who is pregnant passed on some of her ICs, so...
Second test.
Ok eagle eyes. Anyone else see it? eta: i can see this on my phone and irl, but nothing on my desktop.
Tested again this AM (9dpo).  I thought I saw the faintest of faint faint lines.  DH saw it too, but thought it didn't look legit (?).  While taking the test to a room with better light, I dropped it and the test flooded and smeared and the whole thing is an uninterpretable (is that a word?) mess .  So.  There's that.  Letting go....  All things in their time, right? http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1aad2c   scjp- my first thought was thyroid, too!   bmetz-...
Well, I'm a crazy person, and I tested today, at 8dpo, even though I knew it would be a bfn.    It was.    The lack of self control I have when it comes to a pee stick is astounding.   It amazes me that I've given birth naturally 4 times, but can't seem to say no to an hpt.  Le sigh.
Hi ladies!  I know that July is drawing to a close pretty quickly here, but can I jump in?  I've been hanging out in the Nursing Mama's thread, but I am starting to get some serious 2ww anxiety and am hoping to commiserate.  8dpo.  Temp high.  Still too early to test.   I am not in AZ, but I am totally with you.  My youngest two were early September and July, both over super hot summers (plus DH is super busy with work in the summer, and it makes being pregnant miserable....
hughkona- welcome! How's your cm? That might give you some clues as to where you are in your cycle. . IME, I've had bad experiences with expired tests!
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