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How's everybody doing? We've been hit by a teething attack. Long night last night. Lots one one-year-olds here it seems. But, my temp is still high, and I am hoping, hoping, hoping it stays that way (at least for a few more days!). 7dpo here.
Temp went back up today. So whatever happens, at least this cycle's LP is longer than last months already? Lol.
Aww, sorry emom! I know, not conceiving when you are trying makes everything seem futile. Hugs. wengrin- good luck! Hope your tww is peaceful. AFM- I can be moved to waiting to know. I am 5dpo, temp dropped a bit today (still above cover line, though, at least!), but my 2-year-old also ran off with my thermometer yesterday so I was using a different one. Who knows if that had anything to do with it. In any case, I'm anxious because my LP was almost non existent...
I couldn't recommend FF more highly. It, obviously, helps me keep track of things when I'm distracted, and it's been extremely helpful when we've been charting to avoid. Also, it has all my previous charts logged, so I can reference other first postpartum cycles to give me an idea of what I can expect. I give it a big thumbs up!
Jumping in, hope you don't mind. I adjust my temp by adding .1 degrees for each 30 minutes earlier I am temping, or subtracting .1 degree for each 30 minutes I slept late. So if I wake up an hour earlier than normal and my temp is 97.6, I'd adjust it on my chart to 97.8, etc. Not a huge difference, but it has made my charts a lot more stable. I get all early-morning wakeful towards the end of my LP.
Welcome, wengrin! August 10 sounds like a great day for bfps.
vivica-Just catching up here- I totally had this happen last cycle! Urgh.thecrunchybrit- Yay for babies turning one! How fun. My DD just turned a year on the 12th.AFM- I actually think I ovulated. ? The last couple of mornings I've been thinking, gosh, why is my temp so high? And where'd my ewcm go? I guess I was waiting for stronger symptoms or something, but FF gave me crosshairs today. http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/1aad2c
     Ditto.  I've mostly conceived easily, but man.  There is so much at play, I could stalk fertility forums all day.  It gets more miraculous to me as the years pass.   RE: Spotting- Sounds like PP wackiness to me, hormones re-configuring and whatever.  How's your CM?  Last month I spotted/bled lightly literally every other day until O.  So strange.  
Hi emom!  You're probably seeing a + opk 24-48 hours before you actually ovulate, which is normal.  So a temp spike 48-72 hours later would be spot on! And yes, that's great news for your LP.  Last month mine was 5.  Days.  I have never, ever had that before.  :(  I think my body is having a hard time getting the progesterone levels right with all the nursing and newly cycling again.  But still, kind of a bummer.
Please add me to Waiting to O ! 
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