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You do realize that there are people in this world who would want access to a child without oversight from their parents or social services for nefarious reasons, don't you? You might now that your intentions are good, but CPS has no way of knowing that.
I have read studies that suggest that pedophiles are more likely to choose victims who don't use anatomically correct words for their sex organs, because using anatomically correct terms suggest to the pedophile that they have open communications about sex with their parents. Predators capitalize on the taboo nature of so many things surrounding sex. If your child is able to indicate that it isn't a taboo in their family, the predator is more likely to worry about the...
I'm pretty sure that when Eliza was born, and certainly as she got older, AZT was pretty much the best evidence based treatment for HIV available. Eliza Jane was born the same year my oldest son was, and I knew that - and I hadn't even tested positive for HIV, which would have sent me scrambling for the latest *scientific* research on the virus. IIRC, her mother wouldn't even let her be tested for HIV. Yeah, sorry, I'm going to judge away on that.
I think it's fine to judge a parent who withholds treatment with a high probability of sustaining both life and quality of life from their child. Of all the things people judge other parents for at MDC, this is the parenting choice that people are saying "don't judge" about?
oh my god. I can't even. . .
People didn't say it did. People said that Peggy's involvement with Alive and Well (an organization that denies that HIV causes AIDS - they don't call themselves denialists, but "AIDS re-thinkers" ), especially in conjunction with the articles written about AZT (which, really? Not new information when it was written) lead people to believe that Mothering has an AIDS denialist stance.
Kathy, AIDS denialists deny the existence of AIDS, or at least deny that it is cause by HIV. Why is it inflammatory to call them that?
Stormbride, I want to second the recommendation (from dragonflyblue, I think) to write a script for the phone calls you need to make. I have huge anxiety issue wrt the phone, particularly when it comes to making calls to make appointments and this really helps me. It seems ridiculous while I'm writing it down, but it really does help to have that paper in front of me that says, "Hi, my name is Jeri X. My son is a patient of Dr. Y and I'm calling to schedule an...
If you don't support the mission of Alive and Well, you really should ask that your name be removed as a board member. Otherwise, people will continue to assume that you endorse it.
You are such a lazy, entitled American.
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