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True. I shouldn't taunt the pregnant woman. She can have a milkshake while I drink my beer!
fwiw, pushing a heavier stroller is easier for me than pushing an empty one. I have back and pelvic issues, and pushing a stroller actually works better for me than not pushing anything.
Is this where we start the debate about whether kid leashes are dehumanizing?
I really don't give two shits if something I'm doing is perceived as mainstream. However, I got tons of comments from presumably "mainstream" people) when my then 6 year old (size of an 8 or 9 year old) frequently rode in a stroller.
That's what my husband is for. And I'll make the 11 year old push the 6 year old! Then I will find some place that serve alcohol and wait for them to get back.
There's nothing wrong with an 8 year old riding in a stroller at Disneyland.
My kids all gave up napping at around 18 months. Sigh.
I prefer queynte.
If it's taking up that much time, I would drop it.
I really don't see any way in which the OP was "jumped." I saw a lot of people trying to answer her question and figure out exactly what she was talking about and having a discussion about the words we use to name genitals and I saw her fly off the handle about people disagreeing with her or not reading her mind or. . .something.
New Posts  All Forums: