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I'm fond of the word cunt myself, but I wouldn't teach it to a kid. I don't like pussy at all. It makes me think of pus. I don't want to think of my vagina and pus at the same time. I'm also not fond of the cat metaphor going on there or that ti's used as a euphemism for weakness.
In answer to the bolded question. . .yes? I mean, what else would I use? And why?And the other parents need to get over it because I'm not going to teach my kids based on other people's values. I mean, sure, I have talks with my kids about whn certain topics are appropriate and when they're not - but if a kid says, my peepee hurts and my kid says, "That's called a penis" and some other parents is mad? Oh well.
Nobody here is feigning innocence about why some people are uncomfortable with the words, except for possibly the OP. It's frustrating as hell to watch grown women perpetuate it, though. I mean, state representatives are getting banned from speaking because they have the tenacity to use the word vagina when talking about bills that affect women's health. There's something wrong in this world. As for, "what if your child tells some other kids that OMG a vuvla is called...
My son used to tell everyone his mommy had a volvo. I did not drive a volvo.
BM, I don't think anyone is ignoring what you have said or twisting it. I think we either have different opinions of this than you do, or we still don't understand exactly what this thread is about and what it was intended to accomplish. I'm not sure at what point I made you mad by asking questions to try to understand what you were talking about.
Vulvita sounds like vaginal (or, uh, vulvular) cheese. Like a really bad yeast infection.
You sound angry, BM. There's no judgement attached to that statement. Just an observation.
I know this thread hasn't been posted to in awhile, but I wanted to let everyone know that I'm about a month out from a surgery that corrected a rectocele, cystocele, and minor uterine prolapse. The recovery has gone significantly more smoothly that I expected. I had a lot of pain for the first couple of days, but then it became more discomfort. I have some swelling off and on, and randomly get internal pains, but it's really minor in the scheme of things. It's nice to...
In my house, we use vulva, but we also use "boobah," because that's the closest dd could get when she was a toddler. She's almost 9 now and only uses that when she's joking around. My youngest ds is coming up on 7 and has a major speech delay. On the occasions he's used the word (not often, because he doesn't have one), it sounds sort of like a cross between vulva and boobah.
Did you grow up using those words in regular conversation? I didn't, although I knew what they were and there wasn't shaming surrounding them (either the words or the parts they describe). However, because I grew up not frequently using those words (and probably seeing other people's embarrassment and awkwardness when the words were used), they didn't flow off the tongue very well when I started using them with my kids. It felt awkward. Is that what you mean by heavy? ...
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