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So why was the person who started a thread asking about the topic of AIDS denialism and asking about you being on the board of Alive and Well banned for starting that thread. What am I missing here?
But we've never met the mother, either. So why should we assume that she is better qualified to make these kinds of decisions?
The OP doesn't seem to be a very reliable narrator here, in my opinion. I don't think I would trust her judgment any more than I would trust the father's. She also has to consider whether she would feel comfortable having her ex vet every single child care choice she makes.
Many of us have asked for an apology to be posted that is not buried in a locked thread. There has been no response this request. Every time someone asks, they are told that that it has been responded to, but it hasn't. Some people who have pointed this out have had their accounts suspended and/or banned. How this has been handled in the aftermath is just as disappointing and harmful as the fact that it happened in the first place.
When my kids started asking about them, I just told them what they were - permanent illustrations on the skin applied with needles. We do temporary tattoos all the time.
I object! Even trolls need to eat. Don't be cruel
Oh no, absolutely not! I'm sorry if it was interpreted that way. I just meant that this mother, in this particular situation, wouldn't be dealing with that at this point. Peer to peer assault in the teen years wouldn't have anything to do with the vetting of the child care of a 3 year old. The OP was wondering how so few men could be pedophiles if so many children were assaulted by age 18 - my point was that a good portion, maybe the majority, of those assaults are not...
It looks like the mod added it for you.
One reason is that most pedophiles offend with multiple children over long periods of time. In the under 18 group, I'd say a good portion of those assaults might be peer to peer assaults when you get into the jr. high. or high school range.
Thank you for reconsidering your position on this one. I think we all can identify with wanting to protect our children. If I were you, I'd be making an effort to get to know this man on a more personal level so that you can have a more fully formed judgment of him as a person. It might alleviate your worries, or you might decide that it's very important to keep your daughter away from him and go from there. As a pp suggested, since your daughter is going to be...
New Posts  All Forums: