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That was (is) Wisconsin. I like the idea of EC-friendly legislature... but last I checked we can't even get Mothering to write on this, can we? I missed a few latest issues, but wasn't this the topic that the magazine studiously avoided, historically speaking?
I really, really hated high chairs and boosters but really love this one, despite the price: http://www.stokkeusa.com/ It really does work from babies on up (my 2 and 4 year old insist on sharing one, they like it so much!) and it looks like a piece of real furniture and not another plastic paraphernalia piece. I had several Amazon gift certificates that one Christmas, that's how I got the chair. You can drop subtle hints to your relatives, since those are...
That's great news, Jillian!!! So much happiness all at once, wow! Congrats! Hey, since you are getting an attorney anyway, can you ask him about wrongful dismissal and getting reinstated with full back pay? Just throwing ideas out there!
: What boston said. Most states have recommend "guidelines" for childsupport amounts, e.g. 18% for one child, 25% for two children, etc. Some base it on gross income, some on net minus allowable deductions. Most allow "credits" for the time the child spends with the other parent (physical placement). Google for the name of your state and the words "child support guidelines", something should pop up. Or post the name of your state and someone will help you find it
Aww, he sounds so cute!!! I laughed at "crocodile death roll", heheheheh! Hey, naked baby is a good idea! They do "get it" faster then. Just watch where you step!
Back after dealing all day with projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea. Enough said.... Dragonfly, asking for a reference is not being nasty. It's just that - asking for a reference. Thank you, that CT Clemens case looks interest but I think father was not even in US? I'll have to look it up. I guess my biggest problem with your line of arguments is that you are presenting everything as the worst case scenario, while the worst case scenario if she moves happens to...
Ok, how about: go to the bathroom, YOU sit on the toilet with the lid down, lay him on your lap, unbutton/undo the bottom take the diaper off, plop him down on the potty? The easier the outfit, the easier it is to do
Dragonfly, this is my last post on the subject of personal jurisdiction. I posted sources, citations, Supreme Court decision affirming my position, and quoted a Supreme Court judge who said "We do not know of a single State or federal statute, or a single judicial decision resting upon State law, that has abandoned in- State service as a basis of jurisdiction". Your answer comes down to "well, it depends", based on... what, exactly?... Because you said so? I asked you...
Kind of a dumb question - why do you undress him BEFORE you get to the potty?.... Can you do it right next to the potty? Three second routine - drop the pants/diaper/drawers - sit and pee! I am sorry if you do already, I kind of got this idea that you undress him in another room and then carry him to the bathroom.
Ped? What ped?! I think I can count the number of times I've been to ped on the fingers of my one hand And if they ask anything about pottying, which they don't, I usually limit myself to "fine".
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