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I guess my point is that I do not think the punishment is excessive. By "not responsible," I don't mean that he isn't taking responsibility after the fact, but rather the initial decision to act was not a responsible one. I know teenagers aren't adults, but this isn't a close call of a decision or some stupid arbitrary rule.
I'm sorry, I have followed this whole thread and I think you are being WAY too easy on your son. He did something really, really dumb and dangerous and so obviously against the rules. Period. How could a person possibly reasonably believe that doing indoor circus tricks anywhere but your own home or a gymnasium would be ok? Really? Really? And you seem way more focused on (a) your dislike and disdain of authority / bureaucracy & (b) how cool you think your son is,...
I'm sorry, but I think doing acrobatics inside a school at any time is dumb, dangerous and should definitely be punished. Suspension may be a bit much but you aren't doing your son any favors okaying this behavior. If it was on private property he could well be arrested and charged.
I would seek a second opinion before my child underwent any additional procedures.
is it wrong that I hope that woman's daughter is a closet feminist who also becomes a high-powered (AND high profile) career woman?      
Ok, I have never actually posted in the forum but I have a bit of a unique perspective... as a kid, I was a "star." Top academically, also socially... just well rounded. If I wasn't good at something (like running) I would work at it until I was, if not the best, good enough to be considered good. My parents never sought out challenges or academic differentiation for me and I feel like I was done a bit of a disservice.  My brother was the same way, if not more so and has...
TBH at that age I would be very concerned about no BM's. Pooping can slow way down in OLDER bf babies, like 2 months plus, but at 10 days they should be pooping at least once a day if not a lot more. How are wet diapers? Is baby showing any signs of dehydration? I think you should take your baby for a weight check tomorrow and maybe to an LC to observe a nursing session. GL and please update.
Just being brutally honest, it is highly HIGHLY unlikely that your DH would have many or even any other opportunities to make that level of income. And even union jobs aren't as safe as they once were...there are no guarantees. Moreover, most people who make that $$$$ (lawyers, doctors etc) do work those kinds of hours. I say take the job and save, save, save. GL. 
NM. Was going to suggest preschool but hadn't read the OP closely. Sorry
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