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Have her read this blog post - http://www.geneveith.com/about-introverts/_4726/.
Quote: Originally Posted by akichan Oh, and how do you keep your midriff covered while nursing? Do you invest in nursing clothes or tanks, like the Glamourmom stuff? Or do you just use a nursing cover? I hate nursing covers but don't like that you can see my belly/undergarments while nursing, I think that's very immodest. I just make sure my shirt's pulled down, or I'll layer a t-shirt w/a button-front shirt.
DH & I would like to pack our five-month old in the Ergo and go for a ride on our trikes on smooth pavement. I've researched the issue and found that she won't be at risk for head/neck injuries due to slumping or a helmet too heavy for her little neck. The trikes are VERY stable - anything that would overturn one would be pretty violent (what I'm saying is that if you crash & flip this bike, you're probably getting hurt no matter what age you are and wherever you're...
Quote: Originally Posted by eko_mom I am worrying about the negative messages I am sending by not wanting to do it for her, not wanting to nurse her in front of people although I am willing to nurse the baby That's why I stopped nursing our two-year old. I figured that she'd pick up on the negative feelings, and my reactions to her every time she wanted to nurse. I'd originally intended on nursing her as long as she wanted, so this was a shock...
Hugs. I know how heartbreaking it is to have those feelings.
I use 18mo socks on our 4 month old - the ones her sister just outgrew. The don't look too goofy & never fall off.
Our oldest could do it when she was smaller, maybe around 18 months. I'd put a kleenex to her nose & ask her to blow & she would just do it. Now that she's almost 29 months, she can't do it anymore, lol.
Oh, and it's helped me tons to scedule both our meals & our days, even if we don't always stick to the schedule. I'll schedule a week out for activities and have gotten to where I can schedule two weeks for meals (I just don't have the energy or interest to go beyond that). The daily schedule is something like: Monday - play & do laundry; Tuesday - go to Playroom; Wednesday - go grocery shopping; Thursday - play & laundry; Friday - free day. Nothing big, but it helps a lot.
I can't speak to the homeschooling stuff, but hopefully I can help w/some of your other needs. Forgive me if this is too simplistic: 1. Don't try to be perfect. 2. Learn how to prioritize - Ask what has to be done NOW, then what has to be done TODAY, then this week. Make a list. Mine's on a greaseboard I can see from anywhere in the kitchen/living room. That way you won't forget what you thought was important when you had a clear head (if you ever get to have one...
Didn't lose it either time unless I actively watched what I ate & tried to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. So, no bf-caused free ride to weight loss for me, lol.
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