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I don't have any friends with kids who live nearby, but this does seem a bit unfair. It would be nice if they would reciprocate. (Although it would also be nice if DD had someone to play with a couple of times during the week other than me & DD#2 (4 months old).) If it were me (and it was me in the past, I worked for a few months after DD#1 was born), I wouldn't expect a friend to watch my kids just cause "you're home all day". Hugs, Mama.
DD#2 & I were at a meeting at church today when an older lady I'ed never met (from another church) came over & said, "I'd hoped our daughter-in-law would breastfeed, but she didn't. They were worried about the baby not gaining enough weight - bah!" My young friend asked what that had to do with it, so I told her that babies tend to eat more at once from bottles than they do from breasts, cause the fluid comes out faster, so that might be part of it (I wasn't sure but...
DD #1 turned two 10 days before DD #2 was born and her nursing never stopped & rarely tapered. Her latch may have changed a bit due to low supply, and I think that and crazy pregnancy/post-partum hormones caused what's known as breastfeeding agitation. After DD#2 was born, it was a very rare session where I didn't want to push DD#1 off my lap & wasn't swearing at her in my head. It sucked. I ended our nursing relationship about two months or so after DD#2 was born, because...
Rofl, that's great.
Quote: Originally Posted by nannymom I find I feel much better if I have a plan. The days when I sit around in my pajamas setting up the ocassional activity tend to leave me feeling tired and disorganized and depressed. We don't always stick to it, just like we don't always stick to our meal plans, but for some reason, just having a plan makes me feel better, even when it's something as vague as: Monday-play outside & do laundry; Tuesday-go...
I've read that if an ebf infant eats some solids, it'll take about a day for their gut to return to normal. I read that two years ago, so I don't have the reference. But I wouldn't worry.
Quote: Originally Posted by proudmomof4 BTW: I'm pretty sure that Emily Pankhurst used to be that sort of woman (nobody could stand) - and yet aren't we all glad she was! Holy cow - until now, I just thought Mrs. Pankhurst was a character in the "Sister Suffragette" song from the movie "Mary Poppins". Thanks for educating me (well, you & google)!
Lol, I was just thinking this today. I miss my almost B's - they're DD for the moment.
Quote: Originally Posted by Marimami I could appreciate it if DD wanted to research something and make her own creative display of learning. This is what I thought they were! That would make a whole lot more sense to me. But, whatever. Some things work for some ppl and some things for other. Thanks for all your great input!
Pardon my obtuseness, but what is the big deal about lap books? I understand that they're a project that a kid does that puts what they've learned in their own words & can be used as a quick reference later. At least, that's what they seem to be. But why are there so many websites dedicated to the construction of them? It seems like every other homeschool site I visit has a section about lap books. Am I missing the point because our kids aren't "school-age' yet, so I don't...
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