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DD1 made it very clear when she was about 6 & 1/2 months old that she wanted something in addition to BM. We weaned at about 26 months when pregnancy-induced breastfeeding agitation made it so difficult for me to nurse her that it was starting to mess with our relationship. So that's at least two years of nursing after the introduction of solids, and if I could've gone longer, we would've. Every person's different, but I don't think you need to worry too much about losing...
Quote: Originally Posted by vocalise Well, my best advice is just keep doing what you're doing. It doesn't matter that she's modeling behavior that you don't want him to see; it matters that you continue to expect him to behave as you've always taught. I'd deal with all the behaviors you just described as if you were seeing them for the first time. Don't worry about where they're coming from or the fact that he seems to be regressing. That will happen...
When we started giving DD 1 something other than Mommy milk, we first did it by getting some liquid in a straw & letting it out in her mouth, by holding a finger over the end of the straw. She moved from there to regular cups. She was maybe 8 months - I can't remember. Maybe I wrote it in her baby book.
I don't think I've ever seen a formula ad on TV. I guess NFL/MLB viewers aren't the target audience.
Bye everyone!!
Quote: Originally Posted by newmum35 coconut cakes, but I think they still sell those at the hostess store. They are round chocolate cakes with a white filling inside covered in marshmallow and colored coconut. Just loved those as a kid but I think I've had them within the last 5-10 years Hostess Snowballs - yep, they still make those. Mmmm....
Quote: Originally Posted by CalaRei I need the same thing. I bunch up and jam a throw blanket behind me. Or a husband, though he's harder to bunch up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Cherry Alive Anyhow, I thought babes only did "parallel playing" until they were 2 or 3... That's what I've read too. I know with DD 1, she never acted like she cared about playing w/other kids when she was that little.
A grandmother sitting next to me at the local mall play area told me one of the reasons she brings her 2 yr old granddaughter there is so she can, "...talk like a kid instead of talking like a grown-up all the time". Huh?
DD 1 - almost 28 months - has almost no interest in playing by herself. I think she thinks, "Mommy's available (that is-alive), so I can play with her!"
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