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I scanned the bill, and it doesn't sound like they're criminalizing miscarriage. But then, I have a two-year old vying for my attention...
Quote: Originally Posted by Fujiko Like a breastfeeding gang sign? LOL Rofl!
A little OT, but when madamelbosque said it was edible, all I could think of was Homer Simpson using pepper spray on his food. “Mmm...incapacitating.”
I used to feel that way too & DH would always tell me what a great kid DD was becoming, and I would think, "Yeah, whatever!" because I couldn't see it: 1. I was with her all the time so I saw it all, the good & the bad; 2. She would save her very best behavior for when we were with others. She felt comfortable enough around me to test boundaries; 3. I knew NOTHING about kids, so I really couldn't tell if I was doing a good job or not & had no friends w/kids to compare with...
Quote: Originally Posted by hakeber However, in neither Seoul nor Ho Chi Minh did I ever witness a mother NIP. I NIP'd in Seoul. I even had a waitress come over & correct our latch one time, lol.
i think we tried sweet potato or avocado, w/o much initial success. The first solid food she went for over the breast was spaghetti.
Mary does that too. I just figured its a sensory thing or she likes to suck.
Hang in there Laura, you're not alone! Nursing our 27 month old DD has been giving me that "crawl out of my skin" feeling for a few months. Almost every nursing session ends with a fight & crying on one or both sides. to you.
Our oldest DD was 12 months old when I got pregnant & we nursed the whole time....and are still nursing. I know her latch got lazy toward the end, so I suspect my supply'd changed (around 7th or 8th month). As a precaution against thinking you're going crazy, I'd read up about "breastfeeding agitation" a bit. That was the only obstacle we faced, also near the end of the pregnancy. Good luck & congrats!
Wow, hang in there Mama.
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