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It was either MDC or one of Ina May Gaskin's books. I was not exposed to it as a kid & had no friends w/babies, so I'd just never thought of infant feeding, one way or the other.
DH has a daughter who was injured by a vax (mercury allergy), so that was a big factor. Plus, I went to the CDC's website & read all of the info sheets (I think they're called pink papers) on the different vaxes & decided it just didn't seem worth the risk. DD 1 is now two years old & has been sick twice in her life. DD 2 is only 2 months, but so far she's been fine too.
I can't imagine the pain you're in. You're in our prayers.
during a funeral, in the choir loft (in the front of the church), in my choir robe. During almost the ENTIRE funeral (30 min or so - she fell asleep during the last hymn, lol.) Everyone said, "She was so quiet!" Yup.
Thank you for a great thread! Hopefully this isn't too oot - what's the best way to store CO? I'd like to buy a gallon, but don't want it to go rancid before I get to use it.
It's uncomfortable since November, but I only just started looking for teeth marks (hey, I have a newbrn, what can I say?). I've really tried to learn from some other ppl's experiences today & be firm on trying to correct her latch. I think it's getting a little better, but it's certainly taking a lot of attention & relatching.
Cause that's what our two-year old is leaving on the underside of my breast. I don't remember her leaving marks in the past - I think her latch changed while I was pregnant. I thought all my frustration was related to breastfeeding agitation, but maybe part of it's just plain old discomfort.
I've spoken with her about cutting back - when she's not nursing, it's fine, but if I mention limits at a time when she's asking to nurse, she gets hysterical. She won't even allow me to hug & cuddle her then. This is very difficult.
For example - our two year old got up this morning when Mary fell asleep for her morning nap. Two-year old then proceeds to nurse for an HOUR. I'm glad she's still nursing but I experienced quite a bit of nursing agitation while pregnant. That's been tapering off, but the hour-plus long sessions are starting to get annoying. Just looking for some support here.
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