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Yay! Keeping you in our prayers!
1st DD - 40 weeks exactly 2nd DD - 39 weeks, 2 days
Quote: Originally Posted by peaceful_mama do they still make combos? the snack thing? little cracker like things round with cheese like stuff in the middle. came in pizza flavors too. They sure do. DH & I devoured a bag last week.
We have a two-year old and a two-week old. The adjustment from one to two kids has been a lot easier than the adjustment from zero to one. So far, it's been lots of fun, a little more work (a lot of mental work, when DD 1 wants to nurse at the same time as her sister - that's rough on me), and I enjoy watching the two of them together, even though the two-week old doesn't contribute any more than lots of cuteness.
This is really hard! I think older DD's latch became lousy while I was pregnant cause I can feel way more teeth than I used to. Every time the baby nurses, she wants to nurse too. Plus, when she falls asleep at the breast & I try to unlatch her, she gets hysterical. I've tried to help her with her latch, but it doesn't seem to do much good. I don't really want to have to wean her til she's ready, and definitely not on a negative "you're driving me crazy" note. So...
I try to be discreet for my Dad's sake - I don't want him accidentally catching a glimpse of nipple & I'm pretty sure he doesn't want that either. I don't cover or anything - I just make sure as much skin is covered as my shirt will allow. I don't think he totally understands why DD 1 (24 months) is still nursing, but he's respectful enough not to say anything about it.
I'm fine when it comes to using our Ergo or mei tai, and I can do a hip carry with our two year old in the ring sling, but I've always felt like I've sucked at cradle carry. We have a two-week old & a two-year old & it would be REALLY helpful if I could wear the babe around the house. Every time I've ever tried a cradle carry, with either kid, it always seems like her chin is pressed against her chest. Does anyone have any pointers?
Our DD was born 10 days ago. Our two-year old continued to nurse the whole time I was pregnant. However, I suspect that somewhere around the 7th or 8th month, my supply dipped and, as a result, her latch got lazy. I can feel a LOT more teeth than I used to feel, much of the time it doesn't even feel like she's sucking, and often, when she unlatches, my nipple doesn't even look like it's been in someone's mouth (that is, someone who's nursing properly). It's driving me nuts...
I am so sorry.
DD 2, Mary, was born at 7am on the 17th, after a short 5 hour labor and 10 minutes of pushing (our second all-natural hospital birth!). I can't believe we have two kids!
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