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Mary was born at 7 Thursday morning, after a nice, short 5 hour labor & 10 minutes of pushing (DD 1 was 26 hours). Our second all-natural hospital birth!
Rofl thanks for the link! DH is gonna love it.
Yay! Good for you!
Today (so far) I did not have a baby. Instead, I gave DD a bath, took her out to play, and did a load of laundry. Now it's nap time!
Mine came back after 4 months. I guess DD is just too good of a sleeper.
I had a pair we bought at the beach that had no character, no strap, probably minimal UV protection (I can't remember), and they actually fit on her face. It was October, so they were something like $0.99. DH eventually lost them, not DD, lol. I've read several good reviews of these.
Any day now (I'm at 40 weeks, 2 days) we'll have a newborn. DD turned 2 last week. Right now, I'm working on developing the mindset of "Sleep when I get the chance - house will get cleaned, laundry done, dinner made, um, some other time". Good luck!
We (DH & I) would love to go to bed around 9:30-10pm (we're usually in there by 10) but DD (just turned 2) turns into 'giant ball of energy girl' when we get in the bedroom. Last night, it took her an hour to go to sleep after we turned the lights out - that wasn't too different than normal. She nurses to sleep at night but Mommy is 40+ weeks pregnant so that's not the same as it used to be. As a result, I think she's gotten lazy with her latch - her nursing is more...
Quote: Originally Posted by SFam she learned to stay near me. now when she asks to walk she says "stay near mommy, no run away" . Hehehe, that's cute.
Sometimes to usually. She only just turned two but hates riding in the cart. I let her walk until she's demonstrated that it's a "run away from mommy at every chance" day. Sometimes I have to say "Stay near me" about 8000 times, but she does, so I let her walk. In line, she has to get in the cart, or else she'd be off exploring while I'm unloading/paying.
New Posts  All Forums: