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She eats what we eat, so - yes. We try to stay away from a lot of fried stuff, but we're not fried-free.
You're not the only one who feels that way. All I can think is, we can't be the first ones going through this and most older women I know don't seem horrendously scarred, so things must turn out ok.
I also did not have a baby yesterday. I had an OB appt - he confirmed that I have not had the baby yet & that I should come back next week to check again. Instead of having a baby, I have: gotten up at 5:30 w/DH just to hang out a bit; napped til 8:30, when DD woke me ; went grocery shopping; watched while DD ran through mud puddles for 20 minutes; checked the web in lieu of taking an afternoon nap (though there's still time).
Pretty cool!
It would be a lot easier to be at almost 41 wks (EDD was the 8th) if I didn't have so many people reminding me I was still pregnant. And 99% of them are parents themselves, so they should know that babies hardly ever come on time. Maybe I'll just start wearing a sign, "Yes, I am aware that our child has yet to be born. Thank you for your concern."
I've heard of ppl using the links before, but we have knobs, so that wouldn't do it for us. I'll have to look for the magnetic ones. Thanks!
Are there any cabinet locks that don't break w/in a day of installation, like the "Safety First" ones we just bought? We'd gotten the kind that you screw into the inside of your door & attach another part to the cabinet body - to open the cabinet, you open the door a bit & then have to push down on the lock.
From the 2004 edition: Small levels are known to transfer into milk, though they probably pose few problems. In one study of 5 patients, following an 80mg IM dose, tobramycin levels in milk ranged from undetectable to .5 mg/L. Tobramycin is poorly absorbed orally and would be unlikely to produce significant levels in an infant. Lactation risk cat: L3. Adult concerns: Changes in GI flora. Hope that helps!
Every day it's not raining for a little while (.5-2 hours). So I voted for a few times a week.
Wow, what a story! Congrats!!!
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