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Quote: Originally Posted by NewCrunchyDaddy See, I'm the opposite, I think it really took off with the 8th season. Not that it didn't have it's moments (Oh, Streetcar!, anyone) but I like the crazier/wackier Simpsons more than the subtle/"realistic" Simpsons. Yeah, and I'm not saying there was nothing funny after the 8th season. I just felt like it wasn't doing it for me anymore.
We saw it at lunch a few days ago. I'm a Simpsons purist (that is - I feel it went downhill after the 8th season), and it was better than I expected. I've been singing "Spider Pig" for days.
I voted "yes & I will keep it" but since the baby hasn't been born yet, that's more theory than fact. We only watch sports, cooking shows, or weather anyway & usually fall asleep 10 minutes after we turn it on.
I started wearing maternity shirts on & off around week 21. I noticed how much roomier and cooler they were. I'll start wearing my maternity uniform to work next week, week 23. Its summer and all of my shorts have elastic waists & were big to start with, so they'll last a couple of weeks longer, probably. This is our first baby. I have a thick waist, but am not overweight, just differently proportioned than the clothing manufacturers would like me to be.
I didn't really start feeling mvt until week 19 or 20 and even then I had to keep reminding myself that it wasn't gas.
Congratulations & welcome!!
Lol Queenbean!
Do vitamins actually help? Google said this was a hormonal thing.
That's great! (and sad.)
Man, that's really sad! What a waste. Someone should send that article to Oprah. I don't care about what Oprah says, but I know a lot of ppl do. I noticed there was that thread about the Similac ad/contest in her magazine.
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