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She gave birth at North Houston Birth Center. Kathy Vande Giessen is the midwife.   (713) 699-4211     North Houston Birth Center       7007 North Freeway, Suite 435 Houston, TX. 77076                 
My daughter gave birth at North Houston Birth Center, this after having had a home birth. However, things were tight with the third pregnancy and medicaid pays for this place. I think it is a very good option for ones wanting a midwife that just can't swing it any other way. Kathy is great. Yes, she can lean to the medical side, but I've seen HB midwives do the same, and worse IMO. My daughter had a beautiful, non medical birth just as if she had been at home. I actually...
Quote: Originally Posted by alia Thanks! We were more looking for someone to back up midwife-based care rather than a home birth specifically (would think the distinction matters), though I do understand the liability issues...otherwise, I'm sure there would be more backup OBs around, period. We are not 100% committed to having the birth at home, but we do want to keep it as our first option. You might find that Dr. Hector Del Castillo fits that...
Thank you for the reply. They were able to get a follow-up with TCH. I never realized how crazy that process is. Their ped is not a TCH dr and, therefore, they had to get referrals sent by their ped to TCH Cardiology. Which is crazy since the baby was at TCH ER for this issue. Which brings up the issue of finding a TCH ped that they can go to for routine things. They live in Copperfield. Anyone know any decent TCH drs on this side of town?
If you can drive to The Woodlands, Dr Jane Reed... http://specialistsforwomen.net/CareProviders.asp Kingwood, Dr. Noel Boyd or Dr Amy Plummer... http://www.herhealthcare.net/
Thank you for the reply. The ped is already invovled and has "requested" an appointment with a TCH specialist. It's complicated.
I guess no one has needed a ped cardiologist. Oh well. It seriously seems like we need an act of congress to get in to see TCH Cardiology!
Can anyone recommend a pediatric cardiologist in the Houston area? Please?
Jane Hitch also does all prenatals at your home. Birthing Well .com
Quote: Originally Posted by aidanraynesmom Not sure what side of town you are on, but I have a cesarean scheduled with Dr Peggy Taylor in Clear Lake (she seems pretty mainstream, but like you, I don't mind that for this birth). I really liked her, she didn't bat an eye when I declined Flu and h1n1 vaxes and asked if we'd be circ'ing and we told her no. She's very friendly and personable and so is the staff. The wait wasn't much either. She even...
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