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  Thanks for your help. That is why I am scared. I do not want to end up in the hospital  I am really scared... I will see how it looks tomorrow.   By the way, if it was really bad,  would I have a fever by now, or not ? Or could it still be bad, even without a fever?   Thanks   
  Awesome!  Thanks so much for the link & all of your help! Cheers!
    Thanks so much for your help!   I am trying to find natural ways to fix this, if at all posible.
    Do you know where I could get this at? IF its not in my backyard.   Thanks so much. I am scared, and it hurts. I don't want to do antibiotics or end up in the hospital (no insurance, etc.:( )   Thanks:)
Last Wednesday, I thought I had a mosquito bite. A swollen area on my skin, with some redness & purple. It also looked a bit bruised.   SInce, I thought it was a bite, I left it alone. Since this happened on Wednesday, I started to get worried. The actual bump is smaller, but the redness around it, is bigger. I tried squeezing it, to get the pus out, and it really really hurts, I got a little bit out, and then the redness increased a bit. Maybe from the...
  Thanks for the quick reply. The bite seems to be a bit smaller, but the redness around it seems a bit bigger. And again, it hurts like if I had bruised it. Maybe it hurts because I tried to squeeze out the pus, not sure?   I placed a cotton ball with tea tree oil on it, with a bandaid, and the cotton ball does not cover all of the redness.   I do not think there are poisonous spiders where we are at.   If it was a mosquito bite, it should have left, already, right? I...
Thanks, i am scared now. The red circle is bigger.The swollen part seems bigger as well. I put alcohol and this time it stings.I tried pinching it to get the pus out an only a little bit came out. But, it hurts to get pus out. There is less purple in the bite. This has never happened before, i am really scared. What could it be? What can i put on it? This has been there since last wed.... Thanks so much.
On Wednesday I noticed a mosquito bite, it was red & sore, it hurt like if it were a bruise. Today it is still swollen, and a bit purple, and it still hurts. I managed to sueeze it, got a bit of pus out, not much.... It has not improved at all.....I placed some alcohol on a cotton ball & nothing....   Should I be worried?   What can I put on it, to make it go away? How long should I expect it to be there?   I am wondering, besides a mosquito bite, could...
    Hello,   Sorry that no one has replied to you.   I wanted to at least answer one of your questions, fermented veggies are like saurkraut, which is made from cabbage. This is originally from Germany, I think. That is one example I can think of. And the gelatin in the bone broth, I think comes from the fat. I will come back, if I can think fo more. :)
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