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    Thank you for this information :)
 Thank you, great posts & info.
    Thanks! Well, I read that the fluoride in the water is a waste byproduct. So, its bad for us. Totally different from Sodium Fluoride which would help prevent tooth decay. The thing is, I do not think you need to swallow the stuff. And I read that you should get a toothpaste with sodium fluoride, but the thing is almost every paste has glycerin as well, which prevents your teeth from reminerilizing.....And the fluoride rinses I have looked at also have glycerin, and or...
    I read that sodium fluoride is not toxic to rinse with, and that it will help make teeth stronger. But, I found that ACT which has sodium fluoride, no alcohol, has glycerin in it.:(  It seems that glycerin is in everything, or saccarin :(  Do you think we can use a fluoride rinse and it will not be toxic? As long as it is not swallowed. Also, is there one out there without glycerin? Dyes, or saccaring in them?   In addition, what do you think of xylitol? Are there...
    Thank you! :)   Has anyone tried xylitol? If so, do you like it, is it ok to use, health wise? Do you know of any xylitol mints that are GMO free? No corn at all. thanks :)
Thank you both for your help. :) I was wondering about ghee, in case I can't get the fermented one...Thank you :)
    How did it go? How is your child doing? Take care :)
Hello Mamas,       Do you know of a good natural fluoride rinse that uses sodium fluoride, that does NOT have alcohol, does not have glycerin, and without saccharin?   Please help me out here. thanks :)
    Do you know if the MI paste has glycerin in it? Thanks :)   Did you get it with fluoride, if so, what type of fluoride is in it?   Is it $24 Dollars  ? How many ounces are in each tube?     Does anyone of xylitol mints made with birchwood instead of corn, and that is GMO free, organic, if so, what brand? Thanks.
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