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  My mother used to eat & drink a lot of soy milk, she was bleeding & the Dr. said stop the soy, the bleeding stopped as well. Ever since that happened I have never looked at soy at all.   However, when I was a teenager & in College I took lecithin pills (I was told they helped in keeping you thin) I did not realize they were from soy....sad.... Thanks so much for you reply :)     Anything else I should worry about? Thanks :)
Hello Ladies,     Please tell me what you know about FIBROIDS.   Is there anything you can eat, to prevent them, any herb that might help. Any supplement? Any food that helps???   Anything that can reduce them in size or make them go away?   Any modern procedure that will avoid a hysterectomy?   Please tell me what I should avoid eating, what I can eat, what can help me.   Thank you in advance for all of your help & wisdom
  Hi,   Thanks for the informative post. :) I have African American blood (1 grandparent)   What is hasant? You mentioned that in the last line of your post.   I did not realize protein fed them :(  I thought hormones like in dairy fed them.....   So, if we cannot eat nuts, fish, meat, etc. then what type of protein can we eat?   I quit dairy a long time ago (that is hard, b/c I love cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese, etc.), I also have some meat once a month, when I feel...
    Thanks so much.   Do you happen to know anything else about cinnamon? Because I read that drinking the water boiled with the sticks has some pretty good benefits, I just can't remember right now....   ALso, if you place cinnamon sticks inside of pancake mix, will it help prevent bugs? Do you know if this is true? Thanks so much :)
    Anyone???? Please....
    It was a tea bag, it looks like a spore of some type. Originally I made some tea, drank some, then boiled more water & poured it over, left it there, boiled more water the next day, drank some & left it there....   Many thanks:)
  What about the cinnamon water, that does NOT have any mold?   What I did was boil water & toss cinnamon sticks into it. And the next day I added some more hot water to it.   What do you think?   Thanks:)
    Anyone out there have experience with fibroids? Thanks :)
    Anyone??? Please...Thanks:)
Hello Ladies,     What do you know about fibroids? What should you eat, herbs, foods, drinks, what to avoid to help preventing them, and what other things to do to get rid of them?   What are the things to do to avoid surgery? Natural cures... Thank you in advance.:)
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