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A friend of mine will be moving home to Riverside from MO sometime in the next few months. She will likely be around 6 months pregnant at time of the move and is wanting a natural birth with a midwife. Anyone know of any CNMs practicing in that area?
I'm wondering if anyone here has any insight into birth providers who are natural birth friendly in the Independence, MO (Kansas City) area? I have a friend who is new to that area and is going to start TTC #2 this summer. The kicker is that the birth will be covered by Medicaid, because her and her hubby do not have private insurance. Any experience with providers who are respectful of birth choices who also accept Medicaid? Any help would be awesome! Thanks!
You've got mail 
Is anyone in the Fond du Lac area interested in donating some breast milk? My midwife contacted me just a little while ago. She's in need of some breast milk for one of her clients. I don't know the details but apparently the baby is in the hospital right now and they are pushing formula big time. My midwife would be willing to drive short distance to pick up if it can't be brought to her. Please send me a message if you're willing to help with your phone #. 
When DS was really little, I suspected an upper lip tie. I still think he may have one, though his latch has corrected itself and so I'm not pursuing anything as far as having it clipped. But I had mentioned the idea to my DH one night and he was like "Oh, so you'll do that -- might as well circ him too." *headdesk* So point being -- it's not just your DH who has that line of thinking. I explained it much the same way though -- that clipping the lip tie would be...
That really made me feel sick to my stomach. How awful. *snuggles intact baby son*
The Boxcar Children!!! I loved them when I was in elementary school.
My daughter is on the younger end of her grade. She will be 7 in June and is in first grade. In our city, 4yo kindergarten is half day and 5yo kindergarten is a full day. She did 4yo kindergarten and loved it. Then she got to 5yo kindergarten and loved it even more. She goes to a charter school that focuses on all things literacy -- spelling, reading, writing, etc. I don't feel that it's too much. She starts at 8:25 and is done at 3:25 every day except for Wednesday --...
Are you nursing? If so, have you tried nursing him to sleep while laying down with him and then sneaking off once he's out? My son is not one who will sleep on his own for very long, but sometimes this gets me 30 minutes to do things I need to do. 
Florajen probiotics are Dairy Free. You can get them at Walgreens -- I would imagine CVS or the like would have them too. You have to ask at the pharmacy counter for them as they are refrigerated.
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