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My son is 6 and comes into our room every morning to steal a little extra sleep. He'd probably still be cosleeping if I hadn't totally run out of room in the bed! :)
Honestly, acupuncture has always been the best back pain solution for me. Just one or maybe two treatments does the trick, and then plenty of situps to follow up. After each of the older two kids it worked a perfect charm.
My son is 6 and my daughter is 4, and we just had our littlest son 2 weeks ago. I was pretty worried about how the dynamic would change while I was pregnant, but now that he's here it's amazing - I am so much better at being a mama than I was with the first two, it's wonderful. Nursing was easier, diapers are easier, going out with a tiny one is easier. It's not as hard to share my attention as it was when we went from one to two.   We decided to have this third at a...
FWIW, I am pretty sure the mint in gum is artificial flavor, not real mint at all (unlike Altoids). You might look elsewhere for the reason for your low supply; the gum sounds unlikely.
I work at Starbucks, which isn't a casino,  but is still a bit of a freakshow :) I have a 5 yo and a 4 yo and am due in September.   It really is nice to have somewhere NOT kid-oriented to go, compared to my time staying home, precious as it was, when I felt like I had lost my identity and my sense of humor! I have a very distinct personal style and a raunchy mouth, so staying home was rough on my identity.   I work nights, so my DH handles bedtime 4 nights a...
Ugh I am avoiding all this, because I barely have the energy for my 6 yo and 4 yo and my work too.   We are moving my 12 yo dss to the basement bedroom (he is delighted about this ) and then baby will get his room. But first we have to clear out the basement room (used to be an office, now just a junk room with an office underneath it) and THAT is too big a job for me right there.   I fear this won't happen at all before this little boy is here!
I always get awful heartbutn when I am pregnant, and with this pregnancy it started last night :/    Tums take the edge off, and they are always by my side, but sipping milk or snacking on yogurt always help me too. The papaya never really did anything.   I have determined I can't exactly eat dinner anymore, more of an evening snack, and garlicky foods set it off (waaah! I don't know how to cook without garlic!)   Weird things make it worse - Gatorade?...
Block, block, unfriend, unfriend. She might get pissed, but whatever. It's just FB, she'll get over it. Just say you are unplugging or something. She has proven to be untrustworthy in that forum.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamabeca My kids did NOT like rice cereal, but ate smashed sweet potatoes with relish once a day for months, When I first read this I thought it meant the lime green pickle relish for some weird reason. : mmm.
ok, so wait. I load up the cottons in the washer, fill with water, stop cycle, add - how much, 1 cup? - of bac-out, leave to soak - how long? - then drain, add synths, and wash as usual? also - should I be using less detergent then? How do I use dawn to strip the diapers? you'd think i'd haave the hang of this by now, but noooooo.
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