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oh my no. for so many reasons. I'd just stop answering the phone when she called, but i'm passive-aggressive and conflict avoidant like that. don't go by me. works, though.
Wait. She is texting instead of working? Um, FIRED! She is coming 2 hours late regularly? FIRED! She can't figure out how to play with a small child? Time to apply at McDonald's, honey, cause you are FIRED! Don't waste another dollar. See, I'm harsh too. But it's ok.
oh my. oh my my my. I was doinf Habitat for Humanity in Chicago when I was 17 or 18 and we were clearing an apartment building that had been abandoned after a fire. I mean the rooms still had furniture, a Happy Birthday banner hanging, the whole nine yards. And, well, a fridge... full of food... or what once was food... and now was just millions of maggots. We had to carry it down the stairs. barf.
omg that is adorable. you are raising that girl right!
Maybe if you write it down first then read it to her? This sucks for you and your family; I am very sorry. I hope she sees how she is hurting your daughter and changes her ways!
Oh mama, I could have written yor post. My kids are 3 and 1, and wow, I'm yelling so much too much. I don't mean to, I don't want to. It just starts coming out, and I feel just awful over it. Sigh. No help, no advice, just comisseration.
Don't freak out, mama, inflation isn't permanently sustainable. This isn't IT, you know? I don't even know if there IS an IT. But I don't think that it will serve us well to go bananas worrying and making preemptive purchases. You should be good to get a bed in a couple years.
Surf's Up is a current favorite here. *I* love it as much as anyone! (OT:has anyone noticed that Surf's Up and Cars have the exact same plot? weird. but we love Cars too, so whatev.) Mighty Machines was in a LOT too for a while. Anyone here have Hard Hat Harry movies? They are similar, but goofier and from the 80's, so the clothes are so amusing. Curious George gets better the farther along you get in it. The man in the yellow hat really grows as a character, he...
how silly! when is a 5yo somewhere w/o an adult with either a cell or a landline? i don't even think my 9yo DSS needs his cellphone, but that's not mine to say.
Theoretically I ought to say no, but really? YES YES YES YESSS!!! I love being pregnant. I love babies. I love MY babies. But I really have my hands full right now, and all our bedrooms are full. : we'll see, right?
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