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Quote: Originally Posted by bu's mama what a great thread! The only one that pops into my head...iirc, there was a commercial for McDonalds that had a guy playing the piano with a big crescent moon head (probably late 80's). For Halloween there were 4 guys dressed up like this in a Jeep Wrangler with the top off & all their moon-heads hanging out. Mac tonite! I totally remember that. California raisins too.
We just bought LG fridge, hood microwave, and dishwasher. I LOVE them!!! So great. Fridge is EnergyStar... I am 98% sure we are getting the LG stove/range too. Gotta love remodeling! Ugh. I'll be glad to be done. Waiting for workers to arrive right now!
My (exceedingly clean and tidy) MIL uses pretty much only disposable plates and flatware, at least when anyone is over. She also buys disposable diapers to use on the kids at her house. She's super nice and well-adjusted, but apparently the way you keep your house looking like a sales model 100% of the time (this is NOT an exaggeration!) is you don't get anything dirty, ever. : Everyone goes hunting for paper towels here too. It's funny. I hand them a kitchen washcloth...
My local grocery store just started selling Bac-out which is so great! And great timing too, because I have an issue here. My dipes have started to have a ammonia smell when they get wet about half the time. I use a combo of pf's, green mtn fitteds (forgot the name!) pocket change, wonderworks AIOs, and org bumgenius AIOs (these have not had a prob yet, they are brand new). The cotton stuff is waht is getting stinky. The synth fabrics seem fine. SO! should I get...
Well, the nice thing about pf's is you can use them for cleaning and such for YEARS after potty learning is done. Sounds like it might be a good time to take the plunge and go for the potty! wahoo!
I change 95%, maybe more? He changes maybe 1 or 2 a day. Usually it's putting them in a nightnight diaper. Which I appreciate, really I do. But could he PLEASE put the dirty diaper in the pail?!? And if it's poopy, could he PLEASE scrape it instead of just leaving it on the counter to stink? Eeeew. Seriously, folks. I try not to get bitter, I really do. It's not forever. But I do wish I had more help.
Ed - aaah - mah - may , yes? For that matter, is that what you just said? hahaha
Mmm, good point. It might just be awkward and weird and even more humiliating. So then how can I make amends? I just feel such a loose end there, like there's something I need to do, but I can't figure out what it is.
We packed tons of food and then bought treats as we found them. We rented a condo with a kitchen, which was the best move EVER... for so many reasons! But please don't skip Animal Kingdom, it's really cool. Just pack your meals. It is the best place to meet Mickey, since it's less busy.
Well, thing is, I'd kind of rather not contact him. I wish I just had his address andI could mail some cash and be done with it. I am kinda embarassed by how poorly I behaved. And I really would rather leave DH out of it, since I don't want to explain the whole humiliating thing.
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