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So I had this boyfriend in high school. I was a junior, he was a senior. I just found a note from him in an old dresser, and I've been thinking about him all night.He introduced me to chess, pot, and sex, more or less in that order. All things that had a major impact on my life, and now I look back and realize that... Our relationship was soo intense, and we loved and fought equally. Remembering that made me realize just how poorly I treated him, but we were kids, and we...
nak neither here nor there - i tried gdiapers, liked them ok for traveling but prefer my cloth. when i called the company to ask a question, i got kim, one of the owners on the phone. she just happened to be answering phones. it was great. we talked for a really long time. they had recently moved the company and their family from australia to portland, or to try and make their business work on a larger scale. she said it was insane but things were looking up. she was...
We have a hn toddler (almost 3 now, so more a preschooler I guess!) and a 11 mo baby who is NOT high needs. DS (toddler)adapted well to the new baby, at least after the first 3 weeks or so. I needed lots of help until then. DD was a summer baby, so he was able to play outside a LOT and get out lots of energy, and I gave over nighttime duty entirely to DH and slept with the baby in the family room. (DS actually only started sleeping in his own bed after DD was born, and he...
It's so hard when we outgrow our friends. It sounds like these women are not respecting you, like you are another possesion that they have. And having a history with someone makes it soooo tough to walk away, but you sound so hurt and put-down! Hugs... if you lived here we could be crunchy together. I have somewhat the same situation, although yours sounds more painful.
I have been trying to just eat less than I would normally, but of more or less the same foods. That with working out has had some really good results... and I still get my yummy fries and veggie burgers! This perhaps would not work so well with meat, but as a vegetarian, I don't have to worry about that!
I worry about this about myself sometimes. My BFF is very self-centered, but I just listen and laugh b/c she's funny and always has a good story. With people other than her I sometimes think I talk about myself too much, or too long, or whatnot. Maybe I should just be quieter.
yeah, i feel ya. that sucks. i'm in the same boat, more or less. hope you find fun places for your kids, with cooler moms!
Well, you could still get rid of the computer cabinet and relocate the evil monster computer. You'd be ok until laptop get fixed, perhaps. That sucks, though. I just broke the hinge on this laptop but have not gotten it fixed yet. It will be the ruin of this computer, I am sure.
I would just keep her out that day, but I wouldn't make a big deal about my reasons. You know them, but you don't have to explain to her that you are avoiding the egg dilemma. When she is older, she'll understand better. As non-Christians, I have encountered this same thing, but with - do I keep kids out of school because we don't celebrate that holiday? Do we just go and smile and nod? Do we go to a special different school, even we live in the same world with...
You might invest 20 dollars in an electric skillet. We got one at BB&B when we moved and were remodeling our kitchen, and it's incredibly versatile. I use it for parties and holidays now. It cooks anything you would cook on a stove! Well, anything you would cook in a skillet.
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