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Whatever your choices, feeling guilty helps nobody. Your decision to go vegan is a powerful one, but you can take it in steps. It's more likely to stick that way. You will also be much happier if you are able to be kind to yourself when you do choose to eat cheese or eggs, since eating them and feeling awful about it just leaves you feeling awful.
Thanks tinybutterfly! That made me feel sooo much better. What a pretty apartment Delight has. I went to the library and got a couple books on selling your house, and those helped too. I'll mske a good plan w/dh this weekend ans we'll go from there. Don't want to tell our parents yet, mainly because they still think they get a vote. Sigh.
So this morning my DH told me that we pretty much are go with selling the house and moving back into the city (Chicago, from the suburbs) into a condo or apartment. We are presently in a 4 BR, 2 1/2 bsth, 1900 sq/ft townhouse. We are most likely not moving to anything with more than 3 BR and maybe 1 1/2 bath. Maybe even 2 BR if we have to. So. 1st question. How do I get this monster ready to sell? I have never sold a house before - this is our first place and I had...
omg i don't have advice i'm afraid but wow! good luck.
DS is 2 1/2 and has never had a haircut. It's a fluffy curly gorgeous mess. Always in his face. Everyone thinks he's a girl. (He is awful perty... )I am looking forward to his first cut when he's 3. DH wants to give him dreads. I say no dreads until he can care for them himself. Logical, right? Anyway, I fear his lovely curls will be gone too. Oh well, it happens, i guess.
Starbucks isn't exactly retail, but I shall limit myself to sales issues there. So you want to buy an espresso machine. Great. There is a BIG STICKER o the machine telling you how to register for the free warranty. I told you when I sold you the machine that the warranty is great and you really should register for it - they basically will replace your machine for free if anything happens to it, after talking you through troubleshooting it at home. I am sorry you ignored...
Yeah, let it be. Not your place. Whole Foods can handle it, if it bothers them so.
If they coordinate, you use them, and it pleases you to have them around, then keep them! You said yourself that you can fill out the set later if you so desire. There is no reason to declutter something that is useful and that you love. That is not clutter. Now, when you stop using those dishes, and looking at hem makes you feel resentful, that's the time to let them go. Doesn't really sound like that's where you are. ed: ah i see what you are saying now. are the...
Bearing in mind that I have not been there (yet) as far as nursing a 2 yo. Nursing is, as you said, a relationship. If you are resentful and unhapy with it, if he is hitting you and hurting you, then perhaps it is time to conclude that relationship. It has to go both ways, y'know? jmo, ask again when my lo is 2 and acting like that! (my oldest weaned at 18mos when I was preg)
We have several Disney store flip phones that are a big hit around here.
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