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Quote: Originally Posted by allgirls easy come. easy go. walk on. I'm gonna live my life by this. Thank you!
oooh that's harsh. sorry that happened! how rude. maybe find a way of involving the audience more. questions, projects, food.. i've never been to pamered chef but itsounds familiar, like tupperware, right?
Thanks everyone, the payment just cleared so I am shipping today. I have my sections set up now, i think i did it right? thx on that, i forgot i hear you on the agony of the wait!
: I posted this one skirt and it sold within hours! WOW I am excited. Guess I'm going to the post office tomorrow! Hmmm, maybe I should make more skirts? I feel like such a success! hee hee that is all, return to your usual conversations.
My kids are raised veg too, and our house is a no meat zone, ever, no way. However. When I went veg my mother did not cry, or yell, or harangue me about eating hte foods she thought I should eat. She did not set rules or regulations about what choices she wanted me to make. Rather, she took teh opportunity to educate herself about vegetarianism and learned to cook more meatless meals. I appreciated her open mind and it made us both more at ease in our relationship; I...
We agree, "when this movie/show/youtube video of cats is over, it's turning off, all done. ok? you say ok, mommy." "ok mommy." all done, media goes off, screaming and flailing ensues. sigh.
Jack Johnson's cd's are all so mellow ane cool, DS loves them. The Curious Geouge soundtrack is especially kid friendly. Of course, DS also really enjoys G. Love's "Lemonade" album. me = bad mommy! We also listen to Bob Marley pretty often, Burning Spear, all the good old reggae. Matisyahu too. (This is mostly in hte kitchen while I'm cooking or in the evenings when we are cleaning up.) Norah Jones "Come Away with Me" is the night-night CD in my room for whoever...
... i ust called to cancel the diaper service! that means i'll be washing all my own diapers, all the time... oh the pressure! i guess if i can't handle it we can just restart the service, right?
oh i totally take it personally. he's got this "getting things done" face that is really stern, and then i start assuming (that's one of the 4 agreements!) that he's upset, then i take it personally (another of the 4 agreements) and then it justgets ugly. considering too thay he's a kinda messy guy most of the time but has the tidiest mother EVER, he cleans seldom enough that it's kinda a big deal to him when he does. if i would FOLLOW the 4 agreements instead of just...
ah, distracting... such a genteel way of putting it... um, how about as much as i can justify? baaaad, bad.
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