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We use Kissaluvs spray (not the concentrate) right on his bum and a dry wipe. He has started complaining, though, so I wonder if I should start using water instead.
G Diapers covers are only goood for a cover ina pinch. My long lean son just doesn't fit them that well, even with the inserts, but it's better than sposies, right? We use them on vacation. BSWW are our main cover w/prefolds. I like my Bumkins covers, but the BSWWs give really good coverage and are very forgiving to poorly snappied diapers. We started out using Prowraps, and I still turn to them a LOT, even tho they are very basic and boring! they never stain and also...
We use 2 PFs, one trifold inside the other, Snappi'd with an Aristocrat cover. No leaks, ever! Although he has started leaking during the day now. We are in the process of sizing up to toddler PFs and L Bummis covers. Good times.
To wash on one coin wash, you could start on cold wash, open the lid when it fills and leave them to soak a little while, then close the lid and switch to hot for the remainder of the wash. No advice on a second rinse. I like my service; I am bad at laundry!
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