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they aren't feathery fancy lady shoes, they are everyday all the time shoes. it's ok. but - you maybe should have mentioned to dh before spending that much? just b/c you prob would have wanted him to tell you if tables were turned. maybe not, but it crossed my mind.
If it was his twin brother, maybe... but a cousin? And not the wedding but the honeymoon?@!? Whatever. No way. That's just not ok. mama, hope you talk some sense into him!
Another happy Purex user here, free and clear type. Target has good sales on it often. Don't be scared of the cheap stuff! Big corps want you to be suspect of them so you will buy their more exp brands, but it's just soap. What's the worst that can happen? I grew up using Tide, I love the smell. but it's soo chemically for me to use on my family. oh well.
NYE resolution was to get up w/DH. Hence, 6 am Naturally, i am a night owl, but I am trying to change, since it doesn't suit the life I have now very well.
ummm... hmmm... i went a block away in the car to 7-11 to get coffee one morning a few weeks ago... total trip time maybe 10 minutes. I got the cold shoulder about it when I got back b/c DH didn't think I was really going to go, thought I was just saying it? hmmm. Oh. I went grocery shopping once a month or 2 ago. Good point. I should do something about this, huh.
DD is the same age and doing the same thing (except the walking! Wow!). She hides her face in my shoulder when someone tries to take her, then as soon as they pull back, she looks up and smiles sweetly as if to say "Thanks for understanding... it's not you, it's me..." Maybe take her in the bath with you? Not ideal but at least you get wet.
My son napped on me exclusively for almost a year and a half... then my lap went away (preg) and he naps in the bed now. DD now has lap nap priveleges and I fully expect she will do the same thing. Both sleep in the bed at night. Babywise is... mmm... not for us, shall I say? I agree with pp, forget you ever read it.
nak please don't flame, but am i the only one uncomfortable with all the "us and them" characterizations on this thread? i mean, there are a LOT of people who live in mexico. that does not mean that they all believe in the evil eye. it also does not mean that they are "a Hispanic". They are PEOPLE. Thanks, sorry, had to get it out. The general convo is good, interesting, etc. I just am so sensitive to closet racism IRL that perhaps I read more into things than is...
My bet is that DP is just excited for your child to be growing up a little and is having a hard time waiting to start feeding solids! DP may also want a little more control in the care of the baby. It gets hard when mama has final say in everything. I learned this the hard way.
our ped said that infant tylenol is better for the littlest ones than ibuprofen. something about liver damage. (eep!) my kids love the taste of the baby tylenol (in suspension) so it lives on a really high shelf.
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