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Howdy to all who remember me, lol.  It's been.... years?  I've been through a lot over the last four years, but have come out on the other side intact, if not whole, lol.    I'd like to see some of the people I used to connect with on here.  See how you are, how are your kids?    My kids are simply insane, wonderful, a huge pain sometimes, lol.  It happens.  My oldest is getting college solicitations from Rice, Duke, Harvard, MIT, ... you name it, he gets it.  My...
It's me again... here, lol. Been through a lot, but am finding my feet. Life right now is good. Very good. Blessed be.
MeeMee I feel your pain. XDH makes around 50k a year. i get 1k a month since he has joint custody. he has them 50% of the time and it hurts when the kids come home and say what they did with dad and Ms Cheryl (GAH!). I am disabled due to depression, I've lost a lot in this divorce. And I could say a lot of bad stuff about ex but I won't as it really isn't that productive. it hurts a lot when I have to tell one of our kids that we can't go here or there or buy this...
Things are so difficult with me right now. BF has no job, no end in sight. There are places hiring, but none of them with what he needs, what WE need. Regular hours, things like that. It's killing our relationship. A year ago, it was awesome, just spending time with him, now i want to shoot him (not really). I don't really get along with his daughter which stresses me out and I feel as though I really could do better on my own. but then again, I'm not sure i would. ...
for us, it was already there. all i had to do was request it and ds3 had testing and is in like flynn. DS2 has been tested, but I am not sure he's socially able to handle the demands of the gifted and talented program.
my only concern would be his social skill level. my oldest is gifted and his social skillz are nil. He's a young eighth grader now... he probably could hold back another year, but too late now...
yeah, it probably will be denied, which I expect. I'm livin' on 1k a month with six kids and it blows. doesn't help my depression much, but I try. I got my hair cut and styled (something I've not done for MONTHS) and it was nice. Part of me hates that I have such knowledge of psychiatry... I'd rather be ignorant most days. it's like the textbook in my head "you are now going into manic phase" lol. I guess.
word on the four year old thing. I, too, dislke one of my DP's children. Intensely. She worms her way in on everything, lies like a rug, is meaner than hell to my kids. It's affecting the relationship in a bad way and, if it can't be resolved.... then DP and I are quits. It is harder for you because these are your biological children. cahn you speak with DP and see why he's so on the 12 year old?
As a bipolar myself, i can see your concern. I can tell you the mother is only doing this for the attention it gets her to divert herself from what is really wrong with her. She needs a mental eval and addiction needs to be proven. It also needs to be proven she is unfit, which may be hard. *hugs to you*
I accidentally made butter when I was going for whipped cream. LOL Was good tho. Not much going on here today, slow, nobody here but me day.
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