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We will see you there!
A friend of mine is at the very end of her pregnancy and no longer feels comfortable with her ob. Does anybody know of a good ob or midwife with hospital privileges.
I had a very good experience with both Kate Mazzara and Stacia.
I have not read through this thread, but I wanted to post my success story After both births (but not while I was pregnant)I would get what seemed to be a mild infection after having sex. Looking back I am pretty sure it was my estrogen levels. I tried yogurt tampons which seemed to help quite a bit, but I didn't want to keep treating it after the fact, I wanted it to not happen in the first place. Some guy had posted on a forum that his wife had luck with taking vitamin...
wish you were closer!
so she just announce that she made a wise decision to get an epidural...i doubt she knows the real risks of an epidural.
I totally know how you feel- it is hard for me to shake things like that. I get really upset when I see kids obviously not buckled up while the car is moving. I would atleast say something in regards to gd parenting- you never know when it will change a life. When I was pregnant with #1 a lady asked me if I would breastfeed, I explained that I never really thought about it, she said that I should because it is really good for the babies. So, because of her words, I...
i agree with daffodil.... if you tell them "IF you do xyz....." you are saying, "sure! you CAN do xyz, but you will then have to abc." rather, just make it a final statement "There is absolutely NO food on the carpet." Maybe explain a bit...."we want our carpet to stay clean, we dont want ucky looking stains, moldy spots, ants!"
We really like Dr. Dorsey at Beverly Hills Pediatrics. He personally thinks that vaxing is good (he is in his late 60's or 70's) but is totally fine and respectful of what you choose as a parent. The nurses there are really great too! They don't try to play doctor and give out unwanted advice (which is something that we have dealt with other places.) Although I have had a bit of attitude from one receptionist but what does she matter anyways. It wasn't even bad, I was...
Green Baby in downtown Rochester sells them
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