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Thanks for the thoughts. I feel better just being confirmed that I am right in my refund assessment. I'll do a letter with the accounting, and send copies of my insurance payments as well.
She is wonderful on the clinical side. We learned early on that she is NOT great on the administrative side, so we have attempted to show grace, and be patient. I'd love to continue to use her for my well woman health, just to support her practice, as I know she doesn't profit a ton of money. But, this'd ssue, as it goes on...is making me reconsider.
I had my baby at home in November. I have High,ark BCBS insurance, and was told coverage would be out of network, but, I could appeal after the baby was born. My deductible was $4500, my midwives fee for services was $3600 for prenatal, birth and postpartum. I had to pay the entire amount prior to 36 weeks. She filed with my insurance. To my surprise! My insurance covered InNetwork and sent the midwife payment for $1400! I had to really fight her to reimburse me...
I drive for my prenatal visits anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour.  (I have to go to both their offices so I can get to know both midwives in the practice).  It really hasn't been a big deal at all for me.  I don't work, so I don't have to flex around that time, but, in all actuality, the time I spend driving there and back and the appointment is less than when I waited for HOURS in the OB office b/c on several of my visits the OB had to leave for a birth and we all sat...
I am about a week and a half in to my diet, and it sucks!  I find that reading labels does me no good.  An 8 oz root beer...sugar is great.  1 slice of pizza, sky high.  English muffin, sky high, mini bagel, sugar is great.  No rhyme or reason to what is happening.  I just write everything down and then my sugar level (2 hours post meal) and weed out what I know is not going to work for me.      
My son is 3.5, and he has no intention on moving out!  I asked him if he was going to sleep in his bed when the baby comes.  He said no. "The baby can sleep in front of momma and I can sleep behind momma"  I'm sure he'll move out sometime...right?  I mean, they don't turn 15 and still sleep in your bed...do they?  :)
"Is that Poop or Peanut Butter" is a valid question when you see something on your toddlers hand, and you are not sure what Dad made for breakfast.
My son turned 3 in January, so we started working on Potty Training.  After about 2 weeks, we were completely pee trained with minimal accidents at night. We just now passed 3 weeks for no poop in the underwear, and we are very excited...it took awhile.  However, as of about Wednesday, we started having pee accidents.  We have just been inside due to the heat, so it isn't a matter of being out and having too much fun. He will pee JUST enough to get his underwear wet,...
I came from the other side of the boat, struggling with Infertility while my friends had their babies.  I have to say, every pregnancy announcement was hard.  I preferred to be told over the phone so that I could say congratulations, I'm happy for you (which is true), then hang up and cry for me.  The WORST was a friend that told us at a church BBQ, in a large group.  I tried so hard to keep a happy face on and ended up breaking down in front of everyone.  Then they say...
I started having them around 12 or 13 weeks.  I have them ALOT.  Not painful...sometimes uncomfortable.  With my 1st pregnancy, I don't recall having them until closer to the end of pregnancy, or maybe I had them and just thought it was something else.  I looked it up when I was having them early, and it seems that a lot of women had/have them earlier with subsequent pregnancies.
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