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She does look like Melanie Griffith. She looks forty pounds heavier and 10 years older. What was she thinking? Can anything be done with the lips or is she screwed up for life? Does anyone remember Lara Flynn Boyle's bad lip job? Her's was really bad...
hell, the virus (or whatever) I have on my computer won't even let me get to Google. Keeps poping up royalsearch.com or some BS. I think people that make these viruses should roast in hell... I miss Google!!
Cat - Check your PMs!!!!!! Amy
Can I get the Cantharis at a health food store? I am willing to try anything. As far as the bronchitis, I don't know whether or not it is an accurate diagnosis, but I felt like a bus had hit me yesterday (felt like someone sitting on my chest and I could not breathe) but I feel better after starting the antibiotics, so whatever they want to call it, as long as it goes away, that's all I care about, kwim??
Thanks guys, I do feel slightly better. I not only have a UTI but also bronchitis (could not even talk this morning.) The nurse practitioner gave me a script for something to knock both of these out so cross your fingers. I think I would rather go through labor again than have a UTI. While my ped. is great, they absolutely will not write something for me. Big fat bummer. Thanks again, Amy
I really just need to vent here. I am sure that this is small potatoes compared to others' troubles but I am at the end of my rope here! I have come down with a nasty UTI and the only doctor that I have (my neurologist) refuses to call in an antibiotic for me. So, now I have to find a doctor to go to tomorrow and shell out money I don't have so they can tell me that yes, I do have a UTI. And to make matters worse, DD had to go to the ped. today - I thought her...
Jami, Just wanted to say Hi - I live right up the road (sort of) in Dacula near Mall of Georgia. Sorry about your CC - big fat bummer. Amy
Janessa, rash or not, I would have her checked. The sweet smell to her diaper does not sit well with me. It almost sounds like she is spilling sugar into her urine (which may be a sign of a metabolic problem.) I would definitely have someone rule it out. Good luck on the rash - we have been battling one off (and mostly) on for about three months. No solutions for you - sorry. Amy
Well, I get to check DS's diaper the quarter he swallowed on Friday. Talk about a treasure hunt...
Maybe because they are under the impression that it is actually their diaper and they should be allowed to poop it in?? Silly babies!
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