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Yup I do the BM drops in the nose! (and ears, eyes, lol) He was nursing alittle better today, hoping he keeps it up. He also has not been sleeping well, even with me holding him all night! He fell asleep in his carrier, so I am letting him sleep upright in it for a while, sseems to be helping. I am not really for them in it too long, but since he is sleeping, I want him to get rest!
Thanks ladies! I think I have been on the couch with him since Saturday lol. He doesn't seem to mind! (and I get more snugglr time!)
Ok so Evan was diagnosed with the flu Saturday, and was nursing fine. But last night and almost all today, he has had a few sips here and there. Maybe nursing 3 minutes on one side, then screaming. I hear him gulping, and after he decides to stop, I have been pumping almost 4oz per side, so I know he is getting something! What else can I do?!
Quote: Originally Posted by mamazee No. That's just silly. Also, I have friends who don't let their kids play in the play land until they've eaten. I consider the play to be healthier than the food, so I let mine play away. This! When we go, they might eat 1/2 their food, but they expend more then 1/;2 the calories! They can have the toy right away...but I don't like them taking it into the play land
That just brings me to the home page?? I think the site is cutting off the link...maybe if you use the link insert thing?
I can't find it, can someone post the article link please
OMG I am crying! That was beautiful!
#1 off and on for 2 months, then stopped. He is 9 now, going on 10 in October. #2 4 months, until I was stupid and listened to a doctor about busing advice! She is 6.5. #3 23 months...he stopped on his own...I would have nursed as log as he wanted! He is 2.5 #4 is 2 months old and going strong! Hoping he goes at least as long as his brother if not longer!
Wow! Seriously?! They either wanted to already get rid of her or are complete morons! And yea, this... But he did say that even if you insist on separating Allen's extra breaks from her condition as a lactating mother, then they should be regarded no differently than unscheduled pee breaks. "There is no evidence in the record about any limit on the length of unscheduled restroom breaks and no evidence that employees had to seek permission from a supervisor to take...
I am glad you came to a decision. A decision about your child and surgery is NOT easy! You will be in my thoughst!
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